11+ Unique Amaro Nonino Substitutes [Taste never forget]

Amaro Nonino is a unique and delicious Italian liqueur that can be hard to find in some parts of the world. If you don’t even have any on hand, don’t worry – there are lots of different Amaro Nonino Substitutes that can produce similar results in cocktails or cooking.

The popular Nonino substitutes are fernet, gamel dansk, etc.

Keep reading for my recommendations, and give them a try – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

What is in a Amaro Nonino? What does Amaro Nonino taste like? 

Amaro Nonino is a type of liqueur that originates from Italy’s after-dinner digestif. It is made with a blend of herbs, roots, fruit peels, and alcohol content of between 16% and 40%. The actual recipe is a near guarded secret, but we do know that it contains bitter orange peel, cardamom, cloves, and vanilla.

Amaro Nonino has a bittersweet flavor that is often enjoyed after a meal. It can also be used in cocktails and tonic water.

What can I use instead of amaro Nonino?

You can use any type of amaro liqueur in place of Amaro Nonino.

Some good options include Fernet-Branca, Averna, and Regan’s Orange Bitters. If you don’t want to use an amaro liqueur, you could also try bitter herbal cocktail bitters such as Angostura bitters.

If you’re searching for a non-alcoholic option, you could try using a mixture of grapefruit juice and bitters. This offers you a similar flavor profile to Amaro Nonino.

Another option is to use a mixture of grape fruit juice, sugar, and herbs such as rosemary or mint. This will give your cocktail a slightly sweet and herbaceous flavor that pairs well with many different types of spirits.

What is a substitute for amaro Nonino?

1.Kräuterlikör – alternative to amaro nonino

Kräuterlikör is a type of liqueur traditionally drunk neat as a digestif. It is made with a variety of herbs, spices, and fruit. Kräuterlikör is closely to amaro nonino.

The main ingredients of a typical Kräuterlikör include various types of herbs, spices, and fruit. These are steeped in alcohol for several weeks or months to allow the flavors to infuse into the liquid.

Once this process is complete, additional sweeteners and flavorings are typically added to create a smooth, rich liqueur that can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks or used in various cocktails and mixed drinks.

Kräuterlikör is one of the best substitutes for amaro nonino

There are many different types of Kräuterlikör available today, depending on the flavor profile that you are looking for. Some popular varieties include spiced versions, such as those flavored with cloves or cinnamon, fruity flavors like blackberry or cherry, and herbal options that incorporate herbs such as mint or basil.

Overall, Kräuterlikör is a delicious and versatile liqueur that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. If you’re searching for something unique to attempt, give Kräuterlikör a shot and see what all the fuss is about!

Other Amaro Variations

Another great substitute for amaro nonino is Other Amaro Variations. These other amaro variations are made with different spices and herbs, so they offer a slightly different flavor profile. Some of the most popular other amaro variations include:

  • Amaro Averna
  • Amaro Montenegro
  • Amaro Lucano
  • Amaro Meletti
  • Amaro Ramazzotti

If you’re looking for a less bitter amaro, Averna is a great option. This amaro is made with Sicilian citrus peels and has notes of chocolate and orange.

Montenegro is another less bitter amaro that’s made with vanilla and orange peel.

If you’re searching for something a bit spicier, try Amaro Lucano. This amaro is made with cinnamon and cloves, giving it an intense herbal flavor.

Meletti is another spicy amaro variation that’s also sweet in flavor thanks to its use of aromatic spices like cardamom and saffron.

2. GAMMEL DANSK – a better alternative for amaro nonino

Gammel Dansk is another good alternative to amaro nonino. It’s a digestif, which means it is usually had after the meal. The flavor is sweet, and some say that it reminds them of old apple juice.

I personally enjoy Gammel Dansk most when it’s ice cold. This makes the herbal and woody tones less sharp and more pleasant.

3.FERNET- a tasty substitute for amaro nonino

Substitute Frenet for Amaro Nonino in your next Negroni for a richer drink. The two liqueurs are similar in taste, but the former has a more complex flavor that will add depth to your cocktail. Try them out and notice which you enjoy better.

If you want to make your next Negroni even more complex, try using Frenet instead of Amaro Nonino.

They’re similar in taste, but the former has a richer flavor that will give your drink an extra depth of complexity. There’s just one way to find out: try it for yourself. See which you like best!

Many people love drinking Negronis as an aperitif, but if you want to make your cocktail even more complex and interesting, try using Frenet in place of Amaro Nonino.

They are very similar in taste, but the former has a richer flavor that will give your drink a depth of complexity you will love. Why not test it for yourself and notice which one you enjoy better? You might just find your new favorite drink!

4. Bonal Gentaine Quina -ideal replacement for amaro nonino

If you’re looking for a substitute for amaro nonino, try banal gentiane quina. This bittersweet liqueur is made with gentian root and cinchona bark, giving it a similar flavor profile to amaro nonino. It’s perfect in cocktails that call for a bit of bitterness or simply enjoy on their own.

Bonal Gentiane Quina is a bittersweet liqueur made with gentian root and cinchona bark.

One great way to enjoy Bonal Gentiane Quina is with whiskey and citrus juice.

Add a splash of bourbon, lemon juice, and sugar syrup to a cocktail glass and top it off with Bonal Gentiane Quina. Stir everything together and strain it into a chilled coupe glass for a tasty cocktail that will satisfy your amaro cravings.

5.Try CYNER sweet alternative for amaro nonino

Cyner is another choice for a replacement for amaro nonino. Cyner is made from Ugni Blanc grapes which makes it rich in aroma and sweet fruity flavor.

It is made with Ugni Blanc grapes, and its flavor is rich, fruity, and sweet. But what makes cyner stand out from the crowd of similar products is that it contains less sugar than most other similar drinks. This gives cyner a distinct advantage over amaro nonino and other similar products.

6. Chartreuse – A great alternative for amaro nonino

Chartreuse is another option you may try for amaro nonino at your next cocktail party.

To substitute Chartreuse for amaro nonioto, use less amount of chartrues for it because It is significantly sweeter than the latter.

You may need to adjust the other ingredients in your drink accordingly. For example, if you’re making a Manhattan, you might want to use less sweet vermouth or add a dash of bitters to help balance out the flavors.

However, with the right proportions and ingredients, this substitution is sure to result in a delicious cocktail! So, go forward and give it a try!

7. Try herbal liqueur – Amaro Montenegro instead of amaro nonino

If you’re looking for a substitution for Amaro Nonino, try Amaro Montenegro. This herbal liqueur has a similar flavor profile, with notes of citrus and spice. It’s a great choice for sipping on its own or using in cocktails.

Amaro Montenegro is a herbal liqueur which is first used as a health tonic but eventually began distributed to bars and restaurants.

The liqueur has a complex flavor profile, with notes of citrus, spice, and herbs. It is often used in cocktails, as it can add a depth of flavor to drinks.

8. Sweet vermouth – popular alternative for amaro nonino

Sweet vermouth is a kind of fortified wine that is produced with the addition of herbs, spices, and other ingredients. It’s generally red in color and has a sweet, syrupy flavor. Sweet vermouth is produced in a number of different countries, but it is most commonly associated with Italy.

If you like to create a really complex and unique Negroni, you can substitute sweet vermouth for amaro nonino. This will add a layer of sweetness and complexity to the drink. Try it out and see for yourself!

Sweet vermouth can be used in a number of different cocktails, as well as for culinary purposes, such as the Manhattan. Sweet vermouth can also be used in a number of different foods, such as sauces, marinades, and even desserts.

9. Angostura bitters – A strong substitute for amaro nonino

Angostura bitters is a kind of bitters with an ABV of 47%. First made in Venezuela, these concentrated bitters have a spicy flavor with notes of cinnamon and clove. Given that Amaro Nonino contains pepper and anise, Angostura bitters may be a viable choice.

This beverage is a common ingredient for a lot of mixed drinks. It is made of herbs and is highly concentrated. This means that you should add a few drops of Angostura Bitters to get that desired flavor.

The alcohol percentage of this beverage is 44.7% which is very high.

While it is quite different from Amaro Nonino, the two drinks have some similar flavors, including the allspice, licorice, and star anise.

10. Campari – a Classic replacement

Campari is a great substitution for amari nonino in this recipe. This is a classic Italian aperitivo but can also be enjoyed as a digestive.


  • 1 oz Campari
  • 1 oz sweet vermouth
  • club soda or seltzer water
  • ice cubes


At first, pour the Campari and sweet vermouth into a glass filled with ice cubes.

Top off with club seltzer water or soda and serve immediately. Enjoy!

11. Use APEROL instead of Amaro Nonino

Substituting Aperol for amaro nonino in cocktails can be a great way to enjoy a lighter, more refreshing drink.

Aperol is a lower-alcohol alternative to amaro nonino, making it a great choice for summer days by the pool or relaxing at your favorite bar.

Aperol is a unique aperitif with a strong character, pleasantly bitter, and refreshing taste. It is obtained from the infusion of selected roots, herbs, and flowers in alcohol and water. The perfect balance of these ingredients gives Aperol its distinctive orange color.

alternating aperol for amaro nonino in cocktails can be a great way to enjoy a lighter more refreshing drink

Aperol can be enjoyed in many ways, but the most popular is the Aperol Spritz. This cocktail is made with Aperol, Prosecco, and soda water, garnished with a slice of orange. The perfect way to start any occasion!

Also, enjoy Aperol as a stand-alone drink on its own or with prosecco for an interesting twist on the Mimosa. If you are feeling more adventurous, try Aperol in a negroni or other classic cocktails.

With just a few simple steps, you can make this refreshing change in your go-to drink and enjoy it for yourself.

amaro nonino substitute paper plane

There’re a few other ways that you could replace Amaro Nonino in a Paper Plane cocktail. Some fortified wines or amari that would work well include:

-Amaro Averna

-Amaro Montenegro


-Luxardo Amaro Abano


If you’re searching for a more traditional Paper Plane cocktail, some possible substitutions to consider might be:

-Amaro Nonino in place of Averna or Montenegro

-Campari in place of Cynar or Braulio

-Sweet vermouth in place of Luxardo Amaro Abano

-Dolin Sweet Vermouth in place of Amaro Nonino

It’s always best to experiment with different variations of the Paper Plane cocktail until you discover a recipe that suits your taste preferences.

Some other ingredients that you could try adding include citrus juices, bitters, or herb liqueurs. No matter which substitutions or additions you choose, be sure to enjoy this delicious, refreshing cocktail!

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My Final Thought on substitute for amaro nonino

In order to substitute for Amaro Nonino, a number of different options are available.

Some possible substitutes include other herbal liqueurs or bitters, such as Cynar or Fernet Branca. These alternatives may offer similar bitter flavors and aromas but with their own unique characteristics.

Another option for people who enjoy the flavor of Amaro Nonino but are looking for a less expensive alternative is to try a generic amaro liqueur.

These products often have similar flavor profiles to Amaro Nonino but may cost less. No matter what the substitution, be sure to enjoy your drink responsibly.

FAQs on Amaro nonino & Its Alternatives

Q1. Amaro and Campari the same?

Amaro and Campari are two different types of alcoholic beverages. Amaro is a type of Italian spirit that is usually made from herbs, roots, bark, and citrus peels infused into alcohol. It has bitter flavors and aromas to it.

Campari, on the other hand, is also an Italian liqueur, but it is not necessarily a spirit; it is usually made from dried herbs and fruits. Both have bright red colors to them, and they also both have distinct bitter flavors as well.

They are often used in cocktails together or on their own as an after-dinner drink. So no, amaro and Campari are not the same, but they do share some similarities in terms of flavor and color.

Q2. What amaro is closest to Amaro Nonino?

My favorite closest ones are Amaro Florio, Amaro del Capo, Amaricano Bianca.

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