15 Easy to Find Arugula Substitutions ( You Need to Know)

If you love arugula leaves, but find yourself running out of them mid-recipe, don’t worry! There are a lot of substitutes for arugula leaves that will give your dish the same peppery flavor.

You find some creative ways to get your leafy green similar to arugula while saving money and time! 

-Purslane is similar in texture and flavor; just give it more time to cook than arugula 

-Radicchio is also another excellent substitute for arugula because it has a similar taste with less bitterness 

-Kale is also an excellent choice as well as; There is more than these three.

Let’s take a glance at some of the most popular replacements: Stay hungry!

Facts about Arugula 

Arugula leaves are eaten as a salad green and also used to flavor soups. The plant, classified as a cruciferous vegetable, is related to watercress. It belongs to the Brassica genus and is closely related to cabbages.

Arugula spread from Asia, where it grows wild and is cultivated in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions for thousands of years. It spread throughout southern Europe, America, and Africa.

Arugula is perfect for a light and healthy salad, instead of salad also used in various dishes. 

Arugula has a peppery, slightly bitter taste,– which is a nice contrast to sweet or fatty ingredients.

Arugula is also known as Rocket, Rucola.

1. Arugula is a leafy green that is related to mustard greens and cabbage.

2. The leaves have a good, sharp bite, good raw in salads and sandwiches or cooked in a quiche.

3. It is known as ‘rocket’ in the UK and is mildly spicy with a peppery taste.

4. The flavor can also be slightly bitter.

15 Easy to Find Arugula Substitution

Today I arranged 15 arugula substitutes, and you can have those alternatively while you don’t have rocket leaves nearby. 

All of these leafy green alternatives are a similar taste to Arugula. They can also improve the taste of your favorite Arugula recipe.

1. CILANTRO substitute for Arugula

Cilantro is a surprising alternate for Arugula. If you’re seeing a substitute for Arugula in your salad, try Cilantro. 

Cilantro has a slightly different flavor and texture than Arugula, with a citrusy taste and slightly crunchier leaves. 

And if you’re not sure how to serve it, don’t worry – it’s easy! Just rinse the leaves and chop them up. You can add Cilantro to salads, sandwiches, tacos, and more.

cilantro is a replacement for arugula.


Spinach is a remarkable substitute for Arugula in this spring salad recipe. 

Paired with dried cranberries and toasted pistachios, it is a tasty low-calorie meal that is quick, easy, and perfect for a light lunch or dinner.

Baby Spinach has a mild flavor that pairs well with other ingredients, and the healthy benefits of spinach are on par with those in this leafy green. Give it a try for your next recipe!

The difference between these two greens is subtle. Still, when used together, they make an unforgettable combination – especially as toppings or additions to soup recipes.

3. KALE an Easy Replacement of Arugula

When looking for a leafy green to replace arugula in recipes, kale is an easy choice. 

Kale has a similar flavor and texture to arugula, but it is a bit heartier. This makes it a suitable replacement for arugula in salads, sandwiches, and pizzas.

Kale can also uses in place of spinach in many recipes. It has a slightly bitter flavor that is well-suited for dishes with intense flavors like cheese and garlic. 

Kale can also be cooked, making it a versatile addition to your meal plan.

the image contains kale leaves in a bucket which is a popular substitute for arugula.

4. INDIAN CRESS- Rocket Leave Substitute

Indian Cress, also known as nasturtium leaf, is a rocket leave substitute used in salads, dressings, sandwiches, and wraps. 

Indian Cress has a peppery, tangy flavor and a slightly spicy kick. Indian cress is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, and magnesium, and it also provides calcium and iron.

5. DANDELION GREENS another Great Replacement of Arugula

Dandelion greens are an excellent replacement for Rocket Leaves in salads. They have a similar flavor but are a lot less expensive. 

Dandelion greens are a lot easier to find at the local grocery. You can find them in the produce section or the organic section.

Dandelion greens are a significant reference of fiber and vitamins A and C. They are also a lot less bitter than arugula. Give them a try the next time you are looking for something to add to your salad.

6. Use ESCAROLE a Slight Bitterness of Arugula

Escarole has a slight bitterness of arugula, but it is milder and not as peppery. Its flavor is somewhat earthy and nutty. 

Escarole is great in soups and goes well with beans, rice, and pasta. It’s an excellent vitamin A, folate, and dietary fiber source. It also contains some calcium and potassium.

The slightly bitter taste of escarole enhances the soup’s flavor. It adds a nice texture to salads, side dishes, and casseroles.

You can add Escarole to your diet by eating the leaves raw in salads or cooked in dishes. Here are some recipes that include Escarole :

• Salad with Escarole pears and Gorgonzola 

• Escarole potato soup with mushrooms 

• Broiled salmon with escarole and garlic

• Escarole with chickpeas, tomatoes, potatoes 

7. Use BASIL in Soups instead of Arugula

Have you ever thought to use the herb in your soup! Why not try something new? While you don’t have Arugula, use Basil instead in your soup. 

Basil is used as a spice and spinach. It’s suitable for people who want to lose weight; it can help to lower blood sugar levels. I advise you to use basil only with the fruit because it is a strong taste.

Basil leaves have a strong flavor with a slightly sweet taste. If you’re looking for a way to add flavor to your soup, basil is a great choice. It can be used with both fruits and vegetables, and it has several health benefits.

8. ENDIVE -Leafy Green can Substitute for Arugula

Want some leafy green alternatives for arugula? Try Endive. Endive is a leafy green that is related to chicory. It has a slightly bitter taste and a firm texture. It can be eaten raw or cooked.

Endive will keep for a week if kept in the refrigerator. It is best to remove any bands and store them wrapped in a moist paper towel in a plastic bag.

Endive is also known as escarole, although escarole refers to the wild version. In contrast, endive refers to the type that is cultivated.

Endive can be used in salad, as a cooking green, or braised and served on top of a dish. Endive with Bacon and Blue Cheese is a great idea; it is an easy recipe and tastes lovely.

endive is a healthy vegetable that is also used as an alternative for arugula

9. CABBAGE- Crunchy Arugula Substitute

Cabbage is a vegetable that can be used as a crunchy arugula substitute in salads or sandwiches. It has a somewhat bitter aftertaste and is high in vitamin C.

Cabbage can be shredded or chopped and added to salads or sandwiches for a crunchy texture. Remember cabbage should only be eaten cooked, not raw.

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10. WATERCRESS Substitute Rocket 

Watercress is a peppery, aquatic plant that can be used as a salad green or in sandwiches. It has a slightly bitter flavor and a crisp texture.

11. ROMAINE LETTUCE – a Secret Alternative of Arugula

Consider Romaine Lettuce instead of Arugula the next time you go shopping for lettuce.

Romaine Lettuce is a secret alternative to Arugula that has many of the same benefits but is a little bit cheaper. It has a mild flavor and is a good source of vitamins A and C. 

Romaine Lettuce is a type of lettuce that is typically used in salads. It has a dark green color and long stems. It is crunchy, making it a great summertime snack for those hot days when you don’t want to eat anything heavy.

12.RADICCHIO- Almost Similar Flavor of Arugula

Radicchio can be eaten raw or cooked. We recommend you cook it to get some of its flavor profile similar to arugula, which tastes great on sandwiches and burgers! 

This delicious green also makes for a crunchy addition to soups and salads. This green makes for an excellent soup ingredient, too – toss in some radish sprouts before serving if desired.

13. PURSLANE- Similar Taste of Arugula

If you like the taste of arugula but find that it’s not available in your area or just don’t care for its flavor at all, then purslane might be perfect. 

The leaves have a similar mustard-like quality as with this leafy herb. They can best be enjoyed raw alongside some vegetables during appetizers time!

Overall, arugula is a great leafy herb to enjoy. Still, I like to use purslane instead because of its milder taste and high omega-3 fatty acids. 

I love having a handful of purslane leaves to munch on during salad time!

If you’re not sure which leafy herb to choose, then I’d encourage you to try both and pick for yourself which one you like better!

14. Use RADISH SPROUTS as an Arugula Substitution

If you are watching for a plan to add more nutrients to your salad, consider using radish sprouts as an arugula substitution. 

Radish sprouts have a peppery flavor that is similar to arugula. They are also a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate.

Use Radish sprouts in the salad, sandwiches, main dishes, and more.

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15. FRISÉE is a Fantastic Substitute for Arugula

Frisée is leafy and delicate with a slightly mustardy flavor.

Frisée is a great salad green for those who want something different and is perfect for pairing with intensely flavored ingredients.

Frisée is slightly bitter with a wonderful texture. It can be added to any salad or used as a bed for other vegetables.

Frisée is an excellent addition to any meal and can be found at most grocery stores.

So, if you are studying for something unusual and delicious, try adding some Frisée to your next salad. You will not be disappointed.

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20 Ways to Eat Rocket Leaves

Rocket leaves are a delicious and nutritious leafy green that can be enjoyed in various ways. Here are some fantastic tips on using them to their maximum potential!

1. Enjoy Arugula raw

Rocket leaves are an excellent bonus to salads and can be enjoyed raw in their natural form. They have a slightly peppery flavor and a slightly bitter aftertaste, balanced out with other flavors in a salad.

2. Add Rocket leaves to sandwiches

Rocket leaves are a great way to add some extra flavor and nutrition to sandwiches. They can be added fresh or used as a topping.

3. Use Arugula as a wrap filling

Wrap fillings are a great way to enjoy rocket leaves. They can be used to substitute for other greens such as spinach and make a great addition to roasted Pepper wraps.

4. Steam Arugula is best

Rocket leaves can be steamed and enjoyed as a healthy side dish. They only take a few minutes to cook and can be enjoyed with various flavors.

5. Throw Arugula in a soup to Enhance Bite

Rocket leaves can also be thrown into soups for an extra nutritional boost. They will add a slightly peppery flavor to the soup and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

6. Make a pesto

Rocket leaves can also be turned into pesto. They can be used as a substitute for basil or added to mixed leaf pesto’s to add some extra flavor and health.

7. Try Rocket leaves in a smoothie

Rocket leaves can add some extra flavor and nutrition to smoothies. They are a great source of Vitamin A and K, which can help your body out in a variety of different ways.

8. Throw them into a stew

You can add rocket leaves to stews and curries. They can be added simultaneously as other ingredients for a flavorful and wholesome meal.

9. Make a rocket leaf pesto pizza!

Pesto pizzas are a fast and delicious way to enjoy rocket leaves. They can be made with store-bought pizza dough or even a quick and easy flatbread recipe.

10. Enjoy them as a side dish

Rocket leaves can be enjoyed as a healthy and delicious side dish too. They are best roasted but can also be boiled or steamed. Try adding some chili flakes or other seasonings to add some extra flavor.

Other ways to Relish Arugula

11. Add them to an omelet.

14. Try them as a fresh dressing on a green salad.

15. Make an “egg-fry” breakfast with them.

16. Toss them with some crumbled feta cheese and roasted red pepper strips.

17. Chop them up and add them to a taco salad.

18. Use a tablespoon or two to liven up a bowl of steamed brown rice.

19. Make a homemade pesto sauce with rocket, basil, Parmesan cheese, and pine nuts.

20. Mix them with some cooked cannellini beans for a healthy side dish.

can you use parsley instead of arugula

Parsley is a leafy herb with brilliant green color. Parsley can be used in a variety of ways, including smoothies, soups, stews, and casseroles. However, the root of parsley is comparable to that of parsnip. To make a salad or pasta more flavorful, You can use parsley instead of Arugula in the salad, pasta.

can i substitute arugula for cilantro

In recipes that call for cilantro, I typically use parsley or arugula instead. Cilantro, also known as Dhania or Chinese parsley, is used in a variety of dishes ranging from salads to salsa, guacamole, and a garnish. Although arugula has a stronger flavor than cilantro, if you don’t have cilantro, you can use Arugula in salads, soups, and other dishes.

Wrap Up- Substitutes for Arugula 

To sum up, while arugula may not be available in your kitchen right now, there are plenty of other leafy greens that have given you some new ideas for creating tasty dishes that are already in your kitchen. 

The list of leafy greens is a great place to start if you’re looking for some new and tasty dishes that will make your taste buds happy. Which one on the list would you like to try? Let me know in the comments below!

FAQs Relates To Alternatives for Arugula

Q1. Are arugula and rocket the same thing?

There is some confusion over the two names, but they are not the same thing. Arugula is a type of rocket, but the rocket is not a type of arugula.

Arugula is a peppery-flavored leafy green vegetable. It is also called roquette and arugula. It is commonly found in salads.

Rocket is a leafy green vegetable that has a slightly bitter flavor. It is also called arugula and rucola. It is commonly found in salads and as a pizza topping.

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