11 Best Creme de Cassis Substitutes – How to Use & Ratio

Creme de Cassis is a sweet and fruity liqueur that is widely used in various recipes, from cocktails to desserts.

But what if you run out of creme de cassis or it is not available in your area?

Fear not, as there are several perfect cremes de cassis substitutes out there that can give your dish the same delicious taste and aroma.

In this post, we will examine 11 of the best creme de cassis substitutes that you can use in your recipes, along with their ratio and how to execute them in your cooking.

In short, " What can I use instead of creme de cassis?"

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What is creme de cassis, and what does creme de cassis taste like?

Creme de cassis is a type of liqueur made from blackcurrants. It has an in-depth red color and an intense sweet-tart flavor.

The sweetness reaches from the sugar content in the liqueur, while the tartness is derived from the natural acids present in blackcurrants.

Creme de cassis has a thick, syrupy texture and pairs wonderfully with other types of alcohol, such as vodka, brandy, or Prosecco.

Some people also enjoy using it to make cocktails like Kir Royale or Cassis Collins.

The flavor profile of creme de cassis is fruity and slightly tart, with notes of raspberry, cranberry, and blackcurrant. 

It’s not overly sweet and can be enjoyed as an after-dinner drink or used to add complexity to creative cocktails.

Uses of creme de cassis

Creme de cassis is a type of liqueur made from currants and is characterized by its sweet, dark red color and semi-thick consistency.

Commonly used as an aperitif or digestif, it can also be added to cocktails to create a unique flavor profile. The tartness of the liqueur provides just the right balance between sweet and sour in many recipes.

For example, creme de cassis makes an ideal base for Kir Royal, a classic French cocktail that combines the sweetness of the liqueur with champagne. 

Additionally, it can add depth to popular summertime drinks such as sangria, margaritas and mojitos.

Furthermore, this versatile product is also used to make kirs – alcoholic beverages prepared with white wine or cider flavored with blackcurrant syrup or juice – depending on whether one prefers a sweeter or more acidic taste.

In addition to its use in beverages, creme de cassis can be combined with fruit juices like apple or orange for a refreshing beverage or even added to cakes and baked goods for an extra burst of flavor.

Desserts like crepes Suzette can be finished off with a drizzle of this delightful liqueur for an unforgettable finish that’s sure to leave your guests wanting more. 

Whether you’re looking for something special to spice up your usual cocktail recipe or just want to try something new, creme de cassis is sure to provide you with plenty of possibilities to explore and experiment!

Where to buy creme de cassis?

If you are searching for creme de cassis where to buy, there are a few other places you can go. Many specialty food stores carry it, as do some international grocery stores

You can also order online from many retailers that provide a variety of diverse flavors and types of creme de cassis.

Best creme de cassis substitutes

1. Red Grape Juice – A good creme de cassis substitute

red grape juice is good creme de cassis substitute

A great non-alcoholic alternative to creme de cassis is red grape juice. It has a similarly sweet, fruity taste and dark color that works well in cocktails like the Kir Royale.

Ratio or measurement: To use, simply substitute the creme de cassis with an equal measure of red grape juice.

2. Blackcurrant Syrup

Blackcurrant syrup is made from concentrated blackcurrant juice and sugarIt has a very similar flavor to creme de cassis, albeit slightly sweeter. 

Ratio or measurement: To use, substitute the creme de cassis with an equal measure of blackcurrant syrup.

3. Try Raspberry Syrup to replace creme de cassis 

raspberry syrup is great creme de cassis alternate

Raspberry syrup is another great alternative to creme de cassis. Its fruity sweetness pairs beautifully with gin, vodka, and champagne. 

Ratio or measurement: To use, replace the creme de cassis with an equal measure of raspberry syrup.

4. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice is another rich, flavorful substitute for creme de cassis. It has a deep, dark red color, just like creme de cassis, and a sweet, tangy taste.

Ratio or measurement: To use, substitute the creme de cassis with an equal measure of pomegranate juice.

5. Chambord – a tasty creme de cassis alternative

Chambord is a premium raspberry liqueur that works as a great alternative to creme de cassis.

While it can be more costly than some of the different options on this list, it adds a decadent touch to cocktails and desserts that make it worth the price.

Ratio or measurement: To use, substitute the creme de cassis with half the measure of the Chambord.

6. Ribena

ribena is popular creme de cassis replacement

Ribena is a blackcurrant-flavored cordial that is popular in the UK. It’s a non-alcoholic alternative that can be found in most grocery stores.

While it’s slightly sweeter than creme de cassis, it still works well in cocktails and desserts. 

Ratio or measurement: To use, substitute the creme de cassis with an equal measure of Ribena.

7. Black Mamba Tea – An ideal creme de cassis substitute

Black Mamba tea is a South African tea that has a similar dark, fruity flavor to creme de cassis. It’s a great non-alcoholic alternative that adds depth to cocktails and desserts.

Ratio or measurement: To use, steep 1-2 teaspoons of Black Mamba tea in ¾ cup of hot water for 5 minutes. Once cooled, substitute the creme de cassis with an equal measure of Black Mamba tea.

8. Blackberry Liqueur

blackberry liqueur is fantastic alternative for creme de cassis

Blackberry liqueur is a fantastic alternative to creme de cassis, as it has a similar taste and aroma.

Ratio or measurement: Use one tablespoon of blackberry liqueur for every tablespoon of creme de cassis in your recipe.

9. Blackcurrant Nectar –similar to creme de cassis 

Blackcurrant nectar is a sweet and tart juice that can substitute for creme de cassis. You can locate it in most grocery stores.

Ratio or measurement: Use three tablespoons of blackcurrant nectar for every tablespoon of creme de cassis.

10. Apple Juice and Blackcurrant Flavoring

apple juice and blackcurrant flavoring is nice substitute for creme de cassis

Suppose you don’t have any of the above substitutes available. In that case, you can construct your own using apple juice and blackcurrant flavoring.

Mix one tablespoon of apple juice with a few drops of blackcurrant flavoring.

Ratio or measurement: Use this mixture as a substitute for one tablespoon of creme de cassis.

11. Blackcurrant Tea – a decent creme de cassis replacement

Last but not least, blackcurrant tea is an excellent, non-alcoholic substitute for creme de cassis. Brew a strong cup of blackcurrant tea and use it in place of creme de cassis in your recipe.

Ratio or measurement: Use one tablespoon of blackcurrant tea for every tablespoon of creme de cassis.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Substitution Option for Creme de Cassis

When choosing a substitution option for creme de Cassis, consider the following tips:

1. Blackcurrant Liqueur: Creme de Cassis is a blackcurrant liqueur, so selecting a different blackcurrant liqueur can be a suitable substitution.

Look for options like Chambord or blackcurrant liqueurs from different brands, which can provide a similar fruity and slightly sweet flavor.

2. Fruit Syrup: If you prefer a non-alcoholic alternative, fruit syrups such as blackcurrant syrup or blackcurrant cordial can be used as a substitute for creme de Cassis.

 These syrups are concentrated and can deliver a distinctive blackcurrant flavor to your cocktails or recipes. Adjust the quantity based on your taste preferences and the desired intensity of flavor.

3. Blackcurrant Juice: Another non-alcoholic option is using blackcurrant juice as a substitute. It offers the natural flavor of blackcurrants and can be used to add a fruity and tangy note to your drinks or dishes.

Adjust the amount of juice to achieve the desired taste.

4. Taste and Sweetness: Consider the taste and sweetness level of the substitute option. Creme de Cassis has a distinct blackcurrant flavor with a level of sweetness.

Ensure that the substitute you choose matches the desired sweetness and fruitiness in your recipe.

5. Recipe Adaptation: Modify the recipe to accommodate the substitute. Adjust the quantity and balance the flavors to achieve the desired outcome.

Keep in mind that the sweetness and intensity of flavor may vary, so taste and adjust as necessary.

6. Experiment and Adjust: Conduct taste tests with different substitute options to determine the best fit for your recipe. Start with small amounts, taste, and adjust accordingly to achieve the desired flavor profile.

non-alcoholic substitute for creme de cassis

1. Blueberry Syrup

An easy substitute for creme de cassis is blueberry syrup. To make a delicious mocktail, mix 1 part blueberry syrup with 4 parts tonic water and garnish with a lime wheel or fresh berries.

This creates an invigorating and refreshing drink that has the sweetness of the syrup with the tartness of the tonic to create a unique flavor profile.

2. Cherry Syrup

The cherry syrup is another excellent alternative to creme de cassis, as it has a similar flavor profile but without alcohol content.

To make this mocktail, mix 3 parts ginger ale and 1 part cherry syrup in a glass filled with ice.

Add in some fresh lemon slices and stir until combined for a delicious beverage with tangy, fruity notes.

3. Cranberry Juice 

Cranberry juice is perfect for mimicking the sweet-tart taste of creme de cassis in non-alcoholic drinks. 

Simply combine equal parts cranberry juice and orange juice in a glass loaded with ice cubes, stirring until blended together.

For an extra touch, add some lime juice for an additional citrusy zing that pairs nicely with the cranberries’ sweetness!

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is not often thought of as a beverage mixer, but it can be used to replace creme de cassis in non-alcoholic cocktails while adding its own unique flavor profile to the drink.

Blend 1 part apple cider vinegar with 2 parts pomegranate juice, one part simple syrup (or sugar) and some freshly squeezed lemon juice before stirring all ingredients together and pouring over ice cubes or chilled glasses for a delicious mocktail full of sweet-tart flavors!

5. Pomegranate Syrup

Pomegranate syrup is another great substitute for creme de cassis when making non-alcoholic drinks that still have all the complexness of their alcoholic counterparts! 

Mix one part pomegranate syrup with three parts soda water or seltzer water for an effervescent mocktail filled with fruity sweetness and tartness from the pomegranate syrup – perfect for summertime evenings!

6. Grape Juice

For a mocktail that has the same rich and sweet flavor of creme de cassis, mix one part grape juice with two parts ginger beer or lemon-lime soda.

Once you have the desired sweetness level, add some freshly squeezed lime juice for an extra zesty citric kick – perfect for those who need to stay away from alcohol but still want something delicious!

7. Raspberry Syrup

With its deep color and mild yet distinct flavor, raspberry syrup is an excellent alternative to creme de cassis when making non-alcoholic cocktails.

Simply combine equal parts raspberry syrup and lemonade in a glass filled with ice cubes before stirring until mixed together. 

Add some fresh raspberries for a colorful presentation and an extra dose of fruity sweetness – perfect for any summer occasion!

8. Peach Syrup

For a mocktail that has a flavor similar to the creme de cassis, the peach syrup is the way to go.

Mix 1 part peach syrup with 3 parts soda water or seltzer water in a glass filled with ice cubes before stirring until blended together. 

Add some freshly squeezed lime juice for an extra citrusy zing, and garnish with slices of fresh peaches to give it the perfect finishing touch. Enjoy!

9. Honey Syrup

If you’re looking for a better natural way to sweeten and improve the flavor of your non-alcoholic mocktail, try using honey syrup as an alternative to creme de cassis.

Mix one part honey syrup with two parts soda water or seltzer water in a glass filled with ice before stirring until well blended together. 

Add some freshly squeezed lemon juice and garnish with slices of fresh citrus fruits for a delicious summertime refresher that’s both sweet and tart!

10. Hibiscus Flower Syrup

For a truly unique mocktail experience, try hibiscus flower syrup instead of creme de cassis. To make this beverage, combine 1 part hibiscus flower syrup with 3 parts lemonade in a glass filled with ice cubes. 

Stir until blended together, and add some freshly squeezed lime juice for an extra zesty kick. Garnish the drink with slices of fresh citrus fruits for an even more flavorful presentation, perfect for any summer gathering!

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DIY homemade creme de cassis substitute

When crafting your homemade creme de cassis substitute, you can easily create a delicious version with just a few simple ingredients.

To get started, you will need black currants, vodka or white rum, sugar, and water.

First, pick the best-quality organic black currants you can find. Take 8 ounces of fresh (or frozen) black currants and mash them in a medium bowl.

You’ll want to use a potato masher or an immersion blender to achieve the desired texture.

Once mashed, stir in 1/2 cup of sugar until it is fully dissolved. Now add 1 cup of vodka or white rum and stir to combine. 

Cover the mix with plastic wrap and keep in the refrigerator for min 24 hours before straining the mixture through cheesecloth or a fine mesh sieve into an airtight jar or container.

Then mix 2 cups of cold water with 1/2 cup of sugar until dissolved and add this mixture to the jar as well, stirring until everything is combined.

You now have your own homemade creme de cassis substitute! 

To serve it up like a pro, pour 3-4 tablespoons into a glass filled with ice cubes and top off with club soda for an inviting sparkling cocktail.

Alternatively, you can also use creme de cassis as an ingredient when making other drinks, such as Kir Royal or Red Lips cocktails. Enjoy!

crème de cassis vs chambord

Crème de Cassis and Chambord are both popular liqueurs with distinct flavors. Here are some essential contrasts between the two:

Flavor: Crème de Cassis is a blackcurrant liqueur with a rich, sweet, and slightly tart flavor. It offers a concentrated blackcurrant taste that can be both fruity and earthy.

Chambord, on the other hand, is a raspberry liqueur that blends raspberries with blackberries and other flavors. It has a sweeter and more complex profile with a pronounced raspberry taste.

Ingredients: Crème de Cassis is made primarily from blackcurrants, while Chambord incorporates a blend of various fruits, including raspberries, blackberries, and other botanicals.

The specific recipes for both liqueurs may vary among different brands, but they generally use fruit extracts, sugar, and sometimes other flavorings.

Color: Crème de Cassis has a deep, dark red or purple color, reflecting the color of the blackcurrants. Chambord, on the other hand, has a bright red color, which is attributed to the raspberries used in its production.

Versatility: Crème de Cassis is often used as an ingredient in definitive cocktails like the Kir and Kir Royale, as well as in desserts and sauces.

Chambord is known for its versatility and is used in a broad range of cocktails, including the famous French Martini, as well as in desserts and baking.

Sweetness: While both liqueurs have a sweet taste, Chambord is generally perceived as sweeter due to its higher sugar content and the combination of different fruit flavors.

Conclusion on creme de cassis substitute

In conclusion, there are many alternatives to creme de cassis, each with its own unique taste and flavor. 

From blackberry liqueur to blackcurrant tea, these substitutes are quick and easy to use in any recipe that calls for creme de cassis. 

So next time you run out of creme de cassis, don’t fret. 

Reach for one of these substitutes, and you’ll be able to construct a dish that is just as delicious as if you used the real thing.

FAQs on creme de cassis substitute

Q1. What is similar to creme de cassis?

Similar to creme de cassis, other fruit liqueurs such as cherry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, and peach are popular.

Other herbal liqueurs like Chartreuse or crème de menthe can also be used in place of creme de cassis.

Another similar ingredient to try is an elderflower-based liqueur such as St Germain or Bénédictine. All of these ingredients will provide a sweet and/or herbal flavor profile.

Q2. Creme de cassis flavor mimics options

The flavor of creme de cassis can be mimicked with a combination of black currant, raspberry, and cherry flavors.

Black currant provides tartness and is often utilized in jellies and jams as it has a more elevated concentration of antioxidants than any other berry.

Raspberry adds sweet and tart notes, while the addition of cherry brings a balanced sweetness to the blend.

In terms of broader culinary applications, these three flavors are frequently used together in cocktails, desserts, and ice cream.

Additionally, using a few drops of rose or violet extract will add subtle floral notes, which can enhance the flavor even further.

Q3. Can I substitute grenadine for crème de cassis?

No, you cannot substitute grenadine for crème de cassis. While both are red in color and tart in flavor, they impart very different tastes to a cocktail.

Crème de cassis is a type of liqueur made from black currants, while grenadine is typically a non-alcoholic syrup made from pomegranates or sometimes artificial flavors.

The flavor of crème de cassis is sweet and tart with notes of smoked cherries, honey and a hint of bitterness, while the taste of grenadine is mostly sweet with undertones of pineapple or orange.

Moreover, the texture and viscosity of these two ingredients vary greatly; crème de cassis is thicker than grenadine, which means it has a slower pour rate making it easier to control the amount used in cocktails.

Q4. Is crème de cassis the same as blackberry liqueur?

No, crème de cassis and blackberry liqueur are not the same. Crème de cassis is a sweet, dark red liqueur made from blackcurrants that is very popular in France and different parts of Europe.

It is typically utilized as an ingredient in cocktails or as a topping for desserts.

Blackberry liqueur, however, is a sweeter type of liqueur that has a rich, fruity flavor derived from blackberries. It can be served independently or used to create unique cocktails and recipes.

Q5. Can you substitute chambord for creme de cassis?

Chambord and Creme de Cassis are both liqueurs that are typically used to make popular cocktails, such as a Kir Royale.

While they have similar flavor profiles—both being derived from blackberries—there are some distinct differences between the two.

Chambord is sweet and fruity, with a slight hint of raspberry and vanilla. On the other hand, Creme de Cassis is much bolder in flavor, with intense blackberry notes and an earthy depth.

When replacing one for the other in a cocktail, it’s important to remember that Chambord has a more delicate flavor profile than Creme de Cassis.

As such, if you decide to substitute Chambord for Creme de Cassis in your recipe, be sure to use fewer drops or teaspoons than the original recipe calls for.

This will help maintain the desired taste balance of your cocktail without overpowering it with too much sweetness or intensity.

Q6. What can I substitute Kir with?

Kir is a traditional French aperitif that is made from a blend of blackcurrants and either crème de cassis (a sweet, dark red liqueur) or white wine.

It can be performed chilled or over ice with sparkling water as an alternative to champagne.

As an alternative to Kir, one could enjoy a glass of sangria or its lesser-known cousin, kir royale, which uses champagne instead of white wine.

Another option would be to mix together equal parts of cranberry juice and any dry sparkling wine, such as Prosecco, for a simple but flavorful cocktail.

For something more creative, try creating a spritzer with your favorite white or red wine combined with a sprig of mint and ginger ale.

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