What can you substitute for maple extract? 18 Alternatives

Maple extract is a popular ingredient in many recipes, but sometimes it can be hard to find. Luckily, there are a few substitutes for maple extract that can be used in its place. 

For example, you could use molasses or honey as a sweetener and flavoring agent in your recipe. They both have a strong flavor that will add depth to your dish.

Another option is to use vanilla extract or almond extract to replace maple extract. Both of these extracts have a sweet flavor that will complement the other ingredients in your dish.

Try out one of these substitutes the next time you’re cooking and see how they turn out!

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What is maple extract? What are the ingredients in maple extract?

Maple extract is an alcohol-based liquid with the flavor and aroma of maple syrup. It contains small amounts of calcium, sodium, and potassium.

The primary ingredients in maple extract are the sugar maple tree sap and water. The sap is boiled down to make a syrup, which is then used as the base for the extract. Sugar, artificial flavors, and colorings may be added to the ingredient list.

What is maple extract used for?

Maple extract is used as a flavoring in food and beverages. It is also used as a fragrance in cosmetics and personal care products.

People use maple extract as a nutritional supplement. But there is no scientific evidence to support this use.

Although the word “extract” may sound like it contains a large amount of the maple syrup ingredient, the actual concentration is small in extracts.

For example, pure maple syrup is approximately 78% sugar and 21% water. So it only contains about 0.5% to 1.4% maple flavoring.

It is typically utilized as a condiment to waffles, pancakes, and pancakes. 

It is also used in French toast and oatmeal. It can also be used to make porridge or oatmeal. 

You can use it as a baking ingredient as well as to sweeten or flavor dishes.

What is a good substitute for maple extract? – 18 Maple Extract Alternatives 

1. MAPLE SYRUP Substitute for Maple Extract

Maple syrup is the perfect substitute for maple extract because it is a thick, viscous liquid made by boiling sap from maple trees. 

The sap is boiled down to a thick syrup, which is then bottled and sold. Maple syrup has a sweet, rich flavor perfect for pancakes, waffles, and other breakfast foods.

If you’re searching for a cheaper alternative for maple extract, try using maple syrup. Just substitute 1/2 teaspoon of maple syrup for every 1/4 teaspoon of maple extract called for in your recipe. 

You may need to increase the sweetness level depending on how strong the maple flavor is in your syrup.

2. FLAVOR SUBSTITUTE For Maple Extract

Maple extract is a popular flavor for many baked goods and desserts. However, it can be expensive and difficult to find. 

A good substitute for maple extract is related to Flavor Extract like almond, vanilla, etc. 

Almond extract has a similar flavor to maple extract and can be found at most grocery stores. Another flavor comes in the list below.

3. Substitute VANILLA EXTRACT For Maple Extract

A vanilla extract is a type of flavoring made from the vanilla bean. It is used to add flavor to food or drinks. 

vanilla extract is a popular substitute for maple extract

There are different types of vanilla extract, such as pure vanilla extract, Madagascar vanilla extract, and Bourbon vanilla extract.

If you are looking to substitute maple extract, you can do so by using a 1:1 ratio of vanilla extract. 

However, it is vital to note that the flavor of the two extracts may be different, so you may require to experiment a bit to get the desired flavor. 

Additionally, suppose you are using a liquid extract. At that point, you will need to adjust the amount depending on the concentration of the extract.

4. ALMOND EXTRACT – Good Replacement for Maple Extract

Almond extract is a flavoring agent used in food and drink. It is made from the essential oil of almonds and has a sweet, nutty flavor. 

almond extract is a good replacement for maple extract.

Almond extract can be used to flavor cakes, cookies, ice cream, and other desserts. It can also be used in savory dishes, such as stews and sauces instead of maple extract.

In some cases, almond extract can be substituted for maple extract. Maple extract has a sweet, earthy flavor that is similar to almonds. 

However, it is essential to remark that the two extracts have different intensities, so a bit more maple extract may be needed when substituting.

Additionally, almond extract is not as strong as pure vanilla extract, so use a little less if substituting for vanilla.

5. BUTTERSCOTCH EXTRACT Another Flavor Extract for Substituting Maple Extract

The butterscotch extract can be substituted for maple extract in many recipes. Start by substituting 1 teaspoon of butterscotch extract for every 1 teaspoon of maple extract called for in the recipe.

If the recipe doesn’t call for any sugar, you may need to add a little bit of sugar to the recipe to offset the extra sweetness of the butterscotch extract.

6. Try RUM EXTRACT Instead of Maple Extract

Rum extract is a flavoring made from rum. It adds a rum flavor to foods or beverages and baking. 

You can use Rum extract substituted for maple extract in recipes, but the flavor will not be precisely the same. 

When substituting rum extract for maple extract, use the same amount called for in the recipe.

Rum extract can be obtained in the baking section of most supermarkets or online.


Butter Pecan extract is a flavoring made from butter, pecans, and vanilla. You can use it alternate to maple extract in ice cream, yogurt, or even frosting even in many recipes. 

The two extracts have a similar flavor, but the butter pecan extract is a bit stronger. 

When substituting, use 1/2 teaspoon of butter pecan extract for every 1 teaspoon of maple extract called for in the recipe. 

Taste the recipe before adding any additional extract, as the flavor may be too strong if too much is used.

Butter pecan extract is also great for making homemade ice cream, yogurt, or even frosting. Simply stir a few drops into your desired base and enjoy. 

You can also add it to coffee or tea for a special treat. Experiment with different recipes to find the best way to use this delicious extract.

Next time you’re looking for a unique flavor addition, give butter pecan extract a try. You’ll be glad you did!

8. MAPLE BUTTER Another Good Choice for Maple Extract

Maple butter is a type of concentrated syrup made from pure maple sap. It is usually made by boiling down the sap until it reaches the consistency of butter.

In general, you can substitute maple butter for maple extract in any recipe that calls for extract. However, keep in mind that the two flavors will be somewhat different. 

Maple butter has a more intense maple flavor than extract, so you may need to adjust the amount you use.

To make a substitution, start by replacing half of the extract called for in the recipe with maple butter. Then taste and adjust as necessary.

If you desire a stronger maple flavor, substitute maple butter for all extracts.

9. MAPLE SUGAR – Easy Replacement for Maple Extract 

Maple sugar is a sugar made from the sap of maple trees. Maple sugar has a sweet, nutty flavor that is similar to butterscotch.

You can substitute maple sugar for maple extract in most recipes. However, relying on the recipe, you may need to change the amount of sugar.

Maple sugar is not as sweet as maple extract, so you may need to use less than the recipe calls for. You can also add a little bit of corn syrup or honey to help sweeten the recipe.


Maple candy is a sweet, chewy confection made from pure maple syrup. It is typically sold in small squares or strips and is a popular wintertime treat. 

Maple candy can also be used as an ingredient in baking recipes, where it lends a characteristic maple flavor. 

Just make sure to use the exact amount specified in the recipe.

11. IMITATION MAPLE FLAVORING – Decent Maple Extract Replacement

Imitation maple flavoring is a type of flavoring used to imitate the flavor of maple extract. It is made from various artificial flavors and can be used as a substitute for maple extract in many recipes. 

Start by using 1/4 teaspoon of imitation maple flavoring for every 1 teaspoon of maple extract called for in a recipe.

Imitation maple flavoring can be found at most grocery stores, and it comes in both liquid and powder form. 

When substituting imitation maple flavoring for maple extract, you will need to use less of it since it is not as concentrated as maple extract. 


Maple honey is a combination of pure maple syrup and honey.

It can be substituted for maple extract in most recipes, but it will add a slight taste of honey to the recipe. Maple honey can also be used with sugar or other sweeteners in recipes. 

When substituting maple honey for maple extract, use 1/4 teaspoon of maple honey for every 1 teaspoon of maple extract. 

It is a fantastic way to add natural sweetness and flavor to foods. Maple honey can be purchased at most grocery stores or online.

13. MOLASSES – Affordable Maple Extract Alternative

Molasses is a viscous, sweet syrup derived from sugar cane juice. It is used in baking and as a sweetener. Molasses can also be used to replace maple extract in recipes.

To substitute molasses for maple extract in a recipe, use 1/4 teaspoon of molasses for every teaspoon of maple extract called for in the recipe. 

Molasses has a strong flavor, so start with a small amount and add more if needed. Keep in mind that molasses will add a slight bitterness to the recipe.

Molasses is available in most grocery stores. It can be kept in the pantry or the refrigerator.

14. Use MAPLE COFFEE CREAMER Instead of Maple Extract

Maple coffee creamer is a coffee creamer that has a maple flavor. This coffee creamer is made by Coffee-Mate, a Nestlé subsidiary.

Maple coffee creamer was added to the US product line in the early 2000s, an addition driven by America’s fascination with maple syrup. It is currently produced in liquid form and as a powder that can be added to hot or cold coffee.

To substitute maple coffee creamer for maple extract in a recipe, use 2 teaspoons of maple coffee creamer for every 1 tablespoon of maple extract.

Other Maple Extract Substitutes

15. AGAVE NECTAR – Healthy Alternative for Maple Extract

Agave nectar is a sweetener made from the agave plant’s sap. It is available in light and dark varieties and has a consistency similar to honey. 

Agave nectar can be substituted for maple extract in most recipes. Simply use three-fourths of a teaspoon of agave nectar for each teaspoon of maple extract called for in the recipe.

Because agave nectar has a lower glycemic index than sugar, it is suitable for people who want to control their blood sugar levels. It also happens to be gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

16. HONEY -Natural Maple Extract Substitution

Honey is a natural sweetener. It’s a golden brown liquid that’s thick and viscous.

Honey has a sweet taste and a slightly floral aroma.

Honey can be substituted for maple extract in most recipes. However, you will need to use less honey than maple extract since honey is sweeter. 

Start by substituting 1/4 the amount of honey called for in the recipe with one spoon of maple extract. If the recipe does not call for any sweetener, substitute 1/2 teaspoon of maple extract for each tablespoon of honey.


Pancake syrup is a sweetener used in pancake batter and other recipes. 

Although the flavor will not be precisely the same, you can alternate Maple extract with pancake syrup. Pancake syrup is made from corn syrup, artificial flavors, and colorings. 

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How to make maple extract (HOMEMADE MAPLE EXTRACT Alternative)

Mostly, maple extract is hard to find, so I thought, why not make it at home? Homemade food never betrays you. 

Here are a few steps you can obey to make homemade maple extract.

To make maple extract, you need to collect real maple syrup from the tree; when you taste it, you will understand why people in Canada used to drink a whole cup of real maple syrup.

1) First, you need to select good quality syrup, not the one with added color or food additives; use only pure real maple syrup.

2) Pour a good amount of real maple syrup into a big pot, bring to a simmer over moderate heat, and continue stirring to prevent sticking.

3) Soon, the syrup will reduce its volume, be thicker and darker in color, and have a wonderful smell.

4) If the syrup becomes too thick and black in color, you can thin it out with a little water. Add half a tablespoon at a time, constantly stirring until you achieve the desired consistency.

5) Once it’s done. Allow cooling before transferring to a glass bottle or jar with a tight-fitting cork. Store the maple extract in a dark place for up to 3 months without any additives or preservatives.

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Substitute for maple extract in baking

  • · Rum Extract
  • · Maple Candy
  • · Molasses
  • · Maple Syrup
  • · Vanilla Extract
  • · Almond Extract
  • · Flavor Extract

Maple Extract VS Maple Syrup

The sap of maple trees is utilized to make maple syrup. Maple extract is concentrated sap and overheated that is sometimes used in place of real maple syrup.

Making maple extract is also far simpler than that for maple syrup. 

The only ingredients in maple syrup production are sugar, water, and maple sap. The end result is a thick brown liquid with a distinctly sweet flavor – this is genuine, pure maple syrup.

Maple syrup is used in various recipes, from pancakes and waffles to chocolate chip cookies and butter tarts – and as a sweetener for beverages such as tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.

Maple extract is made from the concentrated sap of maple trees. The sap is concentrated overheated, evaporating most of the water, leaving only the sweet flavor of maple syrup. 

It is an inexpensive alternative to pure maple syrup. Still, it lacks the minerals and nutrients found in authentic maple syrup. This is why many people use both maple extract and genuine maple syrup in their cooking and baking.

In summary, maple extract is a flavoring for baking and cooking. Maple syrup is made from the sap of maple trees and is used as a sweetener.

Best maple extract

  • · Watkins Maple Extract with Other Natural Flavors
  • · Olivenation Pure Maple extract ( Most Affordable)
  • · McCormick Maple Extract

Wrap Up on Replacements for Maple Extract

Maple extract is a popular flavoring for many different food items. 

Unfortunately, this product can be expensive and difficult to find in some areas. So, we have provided several excellent substitutes for maple extract that you can use in your favorite recipes. 

These alternates are easy to find an affordable, so you can enjoy the delicious flavor of maple extract without breaking the bank. 

Have you tested any of these substitutes for maple extract? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

FAQs Related To Maple Extract & Its Alternatives 

Q1. How much maple extract to use?

The amount of maple extract you need to use will vary depending on the recipe you are using it in. 

Generally, a few drops will do the trick, but you may need more or less, depending on the recipe.

Q2. Can I substitute vanilla extract for maple extract?

Yes, you can substitute vanilla extract for maple extract in most recipes. Vanilla is the best alternative for maple extract.

You can also use vanilla extract to flavor maple-flavored syrups.

Q3. Is there a pure maple extract?

Yes, there are two different grades of Maple syrup: A light-colored table syrup is a pure product. It is approximately 66% sucrose and 33% water. 

Maple syrup made for cooking or baking usually includes a darker grade of maple syrup. It has added flavors to make it taste better.

Typically, the more expensive types of syrup are pure maple syrup. 

Q4. Does maple extract have alcohol?

Maple extract contains alcohol. As maple extract is alcohol-based, it has a minimum amount of alcohol.

Q5. Is there a difference between maple flavoring and maple extract?

According to the FDA, any product labeled “maple” must be made from maple syrup. 

Maple flavoring may contain maple syrup, but it may also contain maple-like flavorings from other sources.

True maple extract is 100% natural and made from 100% pure maple syrup.

Q6. Are there calories in maple extract? How many carbs does maple extract have?

One tablespoon of pure maple extract contains approximately 12-14 calories along with 1 g of carbs (sugar and/or starch), and no protein or fat.

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