What Is the best Substitute for Sun dried Tomatoes?

Sun-Dried Tomatoes are amazing, but if you don’t like them as much or want to get creative with a different flavor profile for your dish. 

Sun-Dried Tomatoes under the sun lose the maximum amount of water. It mixes well with salt and sulfur dioxide to improve its appearance and color.

I’ve found some substitutes for sun-dried tomatoes that will change the way people think about dried tomatoes forever! Or if you don’t like sun Dried Tomatoes. Like me. Then have a look.

8 Substitute for Sun dried tomatoes are as follows:-

1. SEMI-DRIED TOMATOES for Sun-Dried Tomatoes Substitution

Semi-dried tomatoes are not so good in texture and taste as they lose all their softness under the sun. But still, it’s compliment with the dishes when it is added.

You can add it to the salad and toppings of pizzas and make sure it will not be chewy.

2. Use CANNED TOMATOES Instead of Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Semi-dried tomatoes are the same as canned tomatoes. However, the intensity is lower. You will experience the same sweetness and softness.

Because this is available in canned form, it will be more expensive than regular tomatoes. You have to use in 1:2 ratio for maintaining the balance. 

If you use 1cup of sundried tomatoes, you have to use 2cups of canned tomatoes instead.

the plate contains canned tomatoes. you can use it instead of sun dried tomatoes.

3. TOMATO PUREE is Another Alternative for Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Tomato puree is the best substitute as far I know. It has an excellent thickness, good consistency. If you add puree instead of pasta sauce, it will significantly complement the dishes. It will work in an equal ratio with the mentioned tomatoes. ( Source)

4. Use ROASTED PEPPERS as a Substitute for Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Roasted Peppers are another substitute for sun-dried tomatoes. It comes from the capsicum family. Bell pepper and red pepper have the same taste as well. -This is the only reason for being appetizers.

You can add this pepper with the dishes like bruschetta. Trust me; the taste will be just banging on. 

the image contains three roasted peppers which are another substitute for sun-dried tomatoes.

5. FRESH TOMATOES is a Common Substitute for Sun-Dried Tomatoes 

Fresh tomatoes are the best substitute for sun-dried tomatoes. It has a tremendous source of vitamins,95% of water. The consistency and the taste of tomatoes depending on how you add them to the dishes you want.

If you are the taste hater for sun-dried tomatoes, you just go for fresh tomatoes; then, you will love it forever. 

You can also put several drops of lemon juice to boost the acidity and flavor of the dish.

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Final Thought on Alternatives for Sun-Dried Tomatoes 

As you can see, using sundried tomatoes in your cooking doesn’t have to be a difficult task. 

With the right tricks and substitutions for recipes that require it, such as our favorite Italian pasta dish with sundried tomato sauce.

You’ll never need to bother about rushing out of them again. Remember these tips next time you make something requiring this ingredient!


Sun-dried tomatoes have a much potent sweet flavor than fresh tomatoes; it goes long. It has a chewy texture. If you desire to use it as a salad, it will hydrate the regular one.


Tomato paste makes your dishes much saucier and more smooth. It is a good substitute instead. If you cannot find the to over tomato paste in your local stores, it is the best way to make it yourself, and it is less expensive.

You have to take some fresh tomatoes, peel them off using a fork, and grind them in your mixture grinder. You are ready to use tomato paste.

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The main difference among them is the texture. TOMATO PUREE has a thick texture composed of cooking and straining the tomatoes. In contrast, the TOMATO PASTE is the concentrated one cooked, strained, and again cooked. Both are cooked, but they are not interchangeable.


The word “pesto” is also known as “Rosso.”It has a vibrant color and a deep flavor—condiment with almonds, garlic, herbs, and olive oil. If you use it with your fish and meat dishes, it will come with a unique taste.


It is a good substitute for sun-dried tomatoes. It is dehydrated to make powder form, and hence its color, taste, and texture remain the same.

Instead of tomato sauce, you can also use tomato powder in your dishes that add the essence of tomato.


Another good substitute instead of sun-dried tomato is tamarind paste. Sometimes it is used to make sweet and savory dishes like curry, cuisine, and sauces. It is rich in Vit C, B, potassium, and Iron.

It is mainly sour in taste, so you will have to add sweet or other sweeteners.


OK, then let’s start, you don’t have to worry because it is only a two-step procedure. You just have to dry the tomatoes on your grill.


*Preheat your grill oven for 15min.

*You need to cut the tomatoes into two halves and take the seed out.

*Now place the tomatoes one by one and spread a little salt over it.

*Bake it for 6-8 hours depending on how much you want the consistency and texture, and dry it up accordingly.

*Store in a dry container and place it in the refrigerator.

FAQs On Sun Dried Tomatoes

Should I refrigerate sundried tomatoes in refrigerators?

First, you have to put some oil and mix it with the dried tomatoes, and then you refrigerate it for up to two weeks. And then you can use it with garlic and herbs as well. 

Doe sundried tomatoes are bad for health?

Now the answer is NO. It incorporates smartly to stay healthy. It contains nutrients, antioxidants including lycopene, that decrease the inevitable risks of cancer. It also neutralizes the free radicals and decreases inflammation. 

*Now, a small question may arise in your mind: how much can you eat these sun-dried tomatoes?

Ans- You can’t take it in a much-loaded way. It has some acidic contents like Malic acid and Citric acid that can cause severe acid reflux… 

Can you botulism from sun-dried tomatoes?

Please do not risk botulism since moisture is needed to grow; it may be risky if you change the storage condition. 
Tomatoes should be dried until leathery or crisp.

How to freeze the sun-dried tomatoes?

Firstly you have to spread them on a plate or baking sheet. Then transfer it to the freezer for at least 2 hours until; they are frozen. 

Remove and shift the tomatoes to a freezer-safe bag. Lastly, squeeze out any extra air and then freeze for up to 3months.

Can you fry sun-dried tomatoes?

Use a frying pan and place enough oil you need to fry and heat it accordingly. 

Please wait until it’s warm enough. Make a batter with gram flour(Besan) and water in a very fine consistency. And now dip the tomatoes one by one into the batter. 

And put them into the heated oil on the pan and fry for up to 2min until they become golden brown. After the process, serves the fried tomatoes with sauce and has a lovely delight.

How to rehydrate the sundried tomatoes?

Unless you packed the tomatoes with the oil, they would need to be rehydrated with liquid. 

A rule of thumb is to cover the tomatoes with warm water and soak them for 2hours at room temperature. 

Another trick to add flavor is to soak them in wine or broth instead of water. 

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