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Clam juice has a strong flavor that way. Most want to avoid it, or vegans do not consume clam juice, so we need a perfect clam juice substitute for making bloody mary, clam chowder, clam pie, etc.

When it comes to clam juice replacement, there are a few options that you can use for substitution and get the exact taste.

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What is clam juice good for?

Clam juice is made from the sap of clams. It is often used as a seasoning in food. Clam juice has many health benefits, including being a good protein, iron, and zinc source. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

What does clam juice taste like?

Clam juice tastes like the ocean. It’s salty and a little fishy, with a slightly coppery aftertaste. The flavor can be strong, so it’s often diluted with water or used as a seasoning rather than consumed straight from the bottle.

Are clam broth and clam juice the same thing?

Clam broth and clam juice are almost the same things. Clam broth and clam juice are both made of cooked clams.

Clam broth VS Clam Juice 

The main difference between clam broth and juice is the added salt. The broth has natural salt present in clams, whereas juice has added salt in it.

Clam broth and cam juice are used as a base for soups or sauces. It can be thickened with flour or cornstarch to make chowders, reducing the required amount of heavy cream. 

Chlorophyll from minced parsley leaves is also added to enhance the broth’s color and give it a more pleasing appearance.

Clam juice can be used as a cocktail mixer, such as in the famous Bloody Mary. It’s also used to add flavor to dishes that aren’t cooked, such as salads and antipastos. 

Both clam broth and clam juice are available in cans or jars. 

What can I use instead of clam juice?

Name of the AlternativesAmount
1. Fish Sauce1/2 amount of Clam juice
2. Oyster Sauce2 tbsp for 1 tbsp Clam juice
3. Chicken Stock2 Cup Chicken Stock for 1 cup Juice
4. Seafood Broth1:1
5. Oyster Liquor 1/2 cup oyster liquor for 1 Cup juice
6. Veggie broth+ Seaweed1:1
7. Mushroom Stock1:1
8. Home MadeAs per Your Need
A quick Table for Clam Juice Alternatives

8 Clam juice substitutes

1. Substitute FISH SAUCE for Clam juice

Fish sauce is the first and most preferable substitute for clam juice. Fish sauce has a strong umami flavor, like calm juice.

you can use fish sauce as a substitute for clam juice in your recipes.

Fish sauce is a liquid form made from fermented Salted-fish or krill. It is mainly applied to East Asian cuisine in various dishes to enhance the taste.

You can use fish sauce as a dipping sauce, seafood soups, seafood dishes, etc. As Fish sauce has a more strong flavor than clam juice, use 1/2 of it.

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2. Clam Juice Substitute OYSTER SAUCE

Oyster sauce is another suitable replacement for clam juice. 

Oyster sauce is made from cooking oysters same as a clam. Both tastes are almost similar.

Oyster sauce is made from cooking oysters same as a clam. Both tastes are almost similar.

Although the oyster sauce is thick dark brown, it may change your recipe color. It is sweeter with a hint of salt.

Oyster sauce is widely used in Eastern Asian cuisine due to its savory flavor, perfect for meat and vegetable dish. You can use the oyster sauce to make clam chowder also. However, the color comes out differently.

Oyster sauce is easily used to substitute clam juice in soups, stews, various sauces, etc. Use 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce for 1 tablespoon of clam juice.

3. Use CHICKEN STOCK Alternative to Clam Juice

Another easy substitution is chicken stock for clam juice. Chicken stock is readily available, or you can also make your home.

Another easy substitution is chicken stock for clam juice.

Use 2 cups of chicken stock for every cup of clam juice in any recipe you want to make. However, if you’re going to cook clam chowder or bloody mary, then the chicken stock maybe not be a good option.

Otherwise, chicken stock is versatile and has umami flavor, so you can use chicken stock for soup, stew, 

4. SEAFOOD BROTH- A Decent Replacement for Clam Juice

Seafood broth will be an excellent and identical substitute for clam juice if you don’t have anything. Seafood broth makes from various seafood, including anchovy, prawns, shrimp, lobster, crab, and oyster.

seafood broth is a decent replacement for clam juice.

You can find it either market or make it at home. Add all seafood, boil the meats, then strain the seafood and use the broth you want to add clam juice.

You 1:1 ratio of the seafood broth for clam juice. Use in Cocktail, clam chowder, paella, gumbo, bisque, risotto, etc.

5. OYSTER LIQUOR – Good Substitute for Clam Juice

Oyster liquor is the juice of raw oysters. It has a briny and strong umami taste. It is thicker than clam juice, so you must dilute it first. 

OYSTER LIQUOR is a Good Substitute for Clam Juice

Otherwise, you can use oyster liquor for various savory recipes, including risotto, pasta, seafood soup, pasta alle vongole even cocktails.

Use 1/2 cup oyster liquor for every cup of clam juice. It’s pretty similar to clam juice. The most remarkable thing about oyster liquor is that if you’re solely looking for a substitute for a bloody mary, oyster liquor is your best bet.

Vegan Substitute for Clam Juice

As clams are edible sea life, they are not for vegan or vegetarian diets. Although, vegans and veggies also have some alternatives for clam juice.

1. A vegan substitute for clam juice can be made with vegetable broth and seaweed flakes

Simply heat the vegetable broth until it begins to steam, then add the seaweed flakes. Let the mixture simmer for a few minutes, then remove from heat and enjoy. 

2. Another vegan alternative for calm juice is King Oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, Or you use any earthy and strong flavor mushrooms. (like shiitake mushrooms alternatives)

· Slice the mushrooms, bring the shimmer and make a broth-like calm juice. Add 1 teaspoon of vegetarian oyster sauce to enhance the taste.

Can I make my own clam juice? (Homemade Clam Juice Substitute)

Yes, you can make your own clam juice, and it is such a simple process. Just follow the below steps.

You will need Ingredients.

· 2 cups of fresh clams, 

· 1 cup of water and a pinch of salt. 


1. First, rinse the clams with cold water to remove any dirt or sand. Then, place the clams in a pot with a cup of water. 

2. Bring the pot to a boil and cook the clams for about 5 minutes, or until they open up. 

3. Remove the clams from the pot and let them cool. 

4. Once they are cool, extract the juice from the clams by pressing them through a sieve or cheesecloth. 

5. Finally, add a pinch of salt and enjoy your fresh clam juice!

Clam sauce VS Clam juice

Clam sauce is a sauce made from clams. On the other hand, clam juice is a juice made from clams. If you’re not confident which one is best for your food, keep reading!

Clams are bivalve mollusks that close up when they’re threatened. So clams can be either hard-shell or soft-shell; it’s the shellfish equivalent of “bald” versus “curly.” 

(There are other kinds of shellfish, like scallops and oysters, that don’t have a hard or soft shell–and neither do they close up when threatened. They just sit there and let you eat them.)

Clam sauce has two main varieties: white clam sauce and red clam sauce. It is often used as a topping.

White clam sauce is made from minced clams and flavored with wine, garlic, and occasionally other ingredients such as oregano. 

Red clam sauce is also made from minced clams; it comes from red bell peppers, tomatoes, and parsley.

Most important is Clam juice key ingredient while making calm sauce.

Clam juice is the liquid that comes out of a steam clam–when you first open it up to cook the meat or when you store it in the fridge. 

· It’s often used in cooking like pasta, seafood stew or soup, the famous Calm chowder, and cocktails, but it can be tough to find in some parts of the world–and if you don’t open up a few clams for dinner, then you’ll never know that it existed.

What can you use in place of clams in clam chowder?

Clam chowder is a popular type of traditional dish in America, England, and other places, which key ingredient is Clam.

Suppose you’re vegan or vegetarian or allergic to it. In that case, there are a few choices you can use to substitute clams in clam chowder, including king oyster mushrooms, and use veggies stock instead of clam juice.

Otherwise, you can also use pork, bacon, mussels, oysters, dark fish sauce, chicken stock, crab meat, and shrimp instead of calms in clam chowder.

One of the most popular substitutes for clams in clam chowder is diced and cooked potatoes.

My All-time Preferable Clam Juice Replacements

· Homemade clam juice

· Fish Sauce

· Oyster Sauce

· Chicken Stock

· Oyster Liquor

· King Oyster mushrooms stock

Wrap Up On Substitute for Clam Juice

Fish sauce, oyster sauce, oyster liquor are identical to clam juice, so you don’t need to rush every time in the market.

The easiest and identical vegan clam juice substitute is mushroom stock or vegetarian mushroom sauce; you can also use that. 

Any alternative you choose from the above list is perfect and gives the same hint of clam flavor; just maintain the measurement. 

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Q1. Can you use chicken broth instead of clam juice?

This is an excellent question, and many people wonder if it is possible to substitute chicken broth for clam juice instead of recipes. 

In my opinion, the broth from chicken or any other meat would not be a suitable replacement because it simply doesn’t have that distinct flavor of clams, which takes over the entire dish anyways. 

So I wouldn’t use chicken broth instead of clam juice unless you really cannot eat clams and use it in a recipe where the flavor is not obvious. 

But if you need to substitute something, I recommend using the fish broth for seafood dishes such as pasta sauces or soups.

Q2. Can you substitute clam juice for shrimp stock?

Yes, you can use clam juice in the place of shrimp stock in soup or stews. It will give your dish a “brighter” flavor.

Clam juice is also delicious for making rice or pasta dishes by adding it to the liquid when cooking the rice/pasta. 

Don’t overdo it; just enough to give it some extra taste.

Q3. How do I substitute clam juice for seafood stock?

Substitute half the amount of clam juice for the same amount of seafood stock in your recipe. Or, instead of adding all clam juice, add some to flavor the dish, and pour in more seafood stock to make up for quantity lost by not using straight clam juice. 

If you substitute clam juice completely for seafood stock, be aware that it may make a very salty dish.

Q4. Bloody mary with clam juice

A Bloody Mary (also known as a Virgin Mary, Bloody Maria, or Red Snapper) is a cocktail containing vodka, tomato juice, and various seasonings, including garlic, celery, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, hot sauce salt. 

The bloody mary is famous for handover cure drink. 
Clam juice can be substituted for a portion of the tomato juice, resulting in a Bloody Caesar.

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