Garlic Salt Substitute for Garlic Powder? | Know before add

Are you looking for a garlic salt substitute for garlic powder? If so, you’re in luck. 

In this post, I’ll share a few tips on Garlic Salt alternatives and how to make your own garlic salt and give you some ideas on recipes that you can use it in. 

Garlic salt is a key ingredient in the making of many popular dishes, from French fries to garlic bread. 

So, whether you’re a garlic lover or not, be sure to stick around. You might just find yourself wanting to add a little bit of garlic salt to all of your dishes! Read on for some great suggestions. Happy cooking!

What is Garlic Salt? What is garlic salt made of?

Garlic salt is a seasoned salt that is prepared by combining ground dried garlic, table salt, and an anti-caking agent. (e.g., calcium silicate.) 

It is either simple or complex, depending on how much you want to add!

Its primary form is made by combining 3 parts salt, 1 part dried garlic powder by volume, or 6 parts salt, and 1 part garlic powder by weight. 

Just mix together until evenly distributed before using as desired in Italian dishes such as pizza dough (or any other type).

What is Garlic Powder? What is Garlic Powder Made of?

Garlic powder is a spice derived from dehydrated garlic and used to enhance flavor. Making garlic powder includes drying and dehydrating the vegetable, then powdering it through machinery or home-based appliances depending on the production scale. 

Garlic powder is a frequent ingredient in spice mix and seasoned salt.

Garlic powder must be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid clumping of the powder. Dependent on the storage conditions, garlic powder generally lasts in good condition for up to 4 years.

Garlic Salt vs Garlic Powder | What is the Difference?

Garlic salt and Garlic powder are not similar. While both can be used in cooking, they have different properties for flavor or smell- one will produce more of an odor while others won’t change at all after being heated up.

you can use garlic salt instead of garlic powder in your favorite dish.

Of the two condiments, one is made with dehydrated garlic that has been ground up into a powder. The other contains extra salt and some of your favorite spices too!

From the aspect of Use:

Garlic powder has many uses; it uses in place of fresh garlic when you’ve run out. It’s commonly seen as an ingredient for dishes like salad dressings and soups, vegetables, or meats with smoked flavors that need some extra oomph but are not too strong! 

You’ll also find this popular seasonally at holiday time–especially around Thanksgiving because there are so many delicious recipes using roasted nuts (and other things) requiring their particular touchstone flavor of garlic.

Because of its high salt content, garlic salt is primarily used in dishes that call for the latter. It’s much less versatile than powder or even dehydrated forms since you can’t just sprinkle this on top and expect things to taste great – instead, it needs cooking into your dish before eating.

The most common use is in seasoning for fries, raw vegetables, and popcorn. You can also spread some garlic salt on cooked foods.

You can, of course, use Garlic salt as a flavorful salt to season your vegetables while cooking.

From the aspect of Taste & Smell

While garlic powder is powdered dry garlic, it has a milder flavor and smell than actual garlic. 

On the other hand, garlic salt is mostly just salt, with a slight flavor of garlic to it. It is only another variant of regular salt used just as common salt is used in food.

It’s tough to say which is more suitable objectively, garlic powder or garlic salt. However, garlic powder is much healthier and more versatile than garlic salt.

While it is not as flavorful on its own as garlic salt, it can be easily modified by adding a desired proportion of salt to the garlic powder.

Can I use garlic salt instead of garlic powder? (Garlic salt substitute for garlic powder) 

Garlic salt and powder are both great, but the difference between them is that garlic powder does not contain any added salt. If you replace your regular spices with this type of ingredient, it will taste too salty for extra salt content.

Therefore you can’t just use them interchangeably because of their difference in ingredients – one contains salts while another does not! 

But, You can also use garlic powder in place of Garlic Salt or freshly-gasted cloves if you’re looking for a way to limit your salt intake without sacrificing taste. 

The added benefit is that it has less sodium than regular table flannel and provides an intense flavor profile with every bite!

If you’re going to substitute garlic salt instead of garlic powder, skip the salt from the recipe; it may maintain the balance of saltiness.

If a recipe calls for fresh minced garlic, you can use garlic powder, such as sautéed veggies. 

While, You can use garlic salt instead of regular salt in certain recipes, such as when searing meat or stir-frying veggies.

You can add garlic salt to dry rubs or marinades for meats. Mix it with black pepper, onion salt, oregano, and paprika for a seasoning mix for meat or other proteins. 

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Some other Garlic Salt Substitute for Garlic Powder

1. GRANULATED GARLIC WITH SALT – Decent Garlic Salt Alternative

Granulated Garlic with Salt is a great substitute for garlic powder. 

In mushroom or tomato soups, combine granulated garlic and salt. Add a half-teaspoon of garlic powder and around 3/4-teaspoon of salt.

2. MINCED GARLIC WITH SALT -Easy Replacement for Garlic salt

A blend of minced garlic and salt works well as a substitute for garlic salt. It still provides a good blend, so you may use this mixture to prepare whatever you want.

Take 2 parts minced garlic, 1 part salt, and 1 part salted garlic.

3. GARLIC POWDER+SALT- Similar to Garlic salt for Garlic Powder

If you don’t have actual garlic salt, you can substitute garlic salt for garlic powder with some table salt or Kosher salt.

4. GARLIC PASTE & SALT- Flavor Full Alternative for Garlic Salt

Take ordinary garlic paste and season it with salt. This paste adds the two tastes you would like from garlic salt to your food, but with a sharper garlic essence because it includes fresh garlic instead of dried garlic.


Garlic oil and salt have the potentials to flavor meals without changing the consistency. The main distinction is that salt is crystals that can not melt in oil. Although,  it really isn’t a problem.


Salt Garlic Juice and Salt mixture are excellent components for imparting a pleasant scent to foods. It has good melting power due to its liquid nature and does not alter the flavor of the meal it serves.

This combination is frequently found in meals such as soups and hummus. In contrast to preparing food, garlic juice and salt are used to produce dressings and sauces.

When combining garlic juice and salt, use a ratio of two parts garlic juice to three main parts sodium.

7. GARLIC FLAKES- Best Garlic Powder Alternative

garlic flake is a popular substitute for garlic powder.

The best garlic powder substitute? Garlic flakes. These dehydrated pieces of minced garlic are best known for their use in Everything Bagel seasoning.

Just Substitute 1 teaspoon garlic flakes for ½ teaspoon garlic powder.

8. FRESH GARLIC- All-time Substitute for Garlic salt & Garlic Powder

Another great garlic powder replacement? Fresh garlic. Now, if you don’t have garlic powder, you might not have fresh garlic either! 1 medium garlic clove to substitute for ¼ teaspoon garlic powder.

How to make garlic salt ( Homemade Garlic Salt Alternatives)

Garlic is a very versatile ingredient in the kitchen. Garlic salt, however, is one of its most versatile uses. One can use it on its own or as an ingredient in many dishes that require garlic flavoring. 

Garlic salt can be bought at the grocery store, but why not try making it at home? It is very easy to do!

The first step in this simple process is to buy salt. Table salt can be used, but it is recommended that you get a salt specifically for this purpose. 

The reason for this is the coarseness of the salt. If you use table salt, it can alter the consistency of the garlic salt. 

Also, make sure that there is no iodine in this salt.

You don’t really want iodized salt for this dish, so you either choose to buy a non-iodized product or use regular salt.

Next, take a few garlic cloves and crush them. You can choose to mince the garlic as well, but this may be more time-consuming and tedious. 

Garlic salt is used primarily for seasoning, so you should add a maximum of three crushed cloves or two teaspoons of minced garlic.

After this, add the salt. Make sure to mix well. If you are using table salt, it is recommended that you only use half a teaspoon of salt. If you use kosher or sea salt, add a little more than this amount. 

You can add as much salt as you want, making the garlic salt from this dish a very versatile seasoning.

Lastly, you can add other ingredients such as oregano and thyme if you want to. Mix well, and your garlic salt is ready!

How to convert garlic powder to garlic salt?

When cooking with garlic, determining how much garlic salt you need for the recipe might be difficult.

That’s because recipes rarely call for garlic salt, but you can’t use fresh garlic in every dish.

The best thing is that you possibly already have some of the ingredients needed to make garlic salt in your kitchen.

Garlic salt is simply made by combining garlic powder and fine-grain salt in a 3:1 ratio (three parts salt for everyone part garlic). So, to make your own garlic salt, 

You’ll need the following ingredients:

·   Garlic powder or granules (you can make your own garlic powder by pulsing peeled garlic cloves in a food processor)

· Table salt

· Empty spice container (or any airtight container)

To make garlic salt, simply combine three parts table or fine-grain salt to every one part garlic powder. 

Add this to your spice jar, close tightly, and shake until combined. Salt with garlic already in it will keep for several months.

Garlic salt is perfect for making garlic bread or stirring into mashed potatoes, but it can also be used in nearly any recipe that calls for garlic.

Can you substitute garlic powder for garlic salt in a recipe?

Of course! Yes. You can substitute Garlic Powder for Garlic Salt in a recipe. In fact, Add 6 parts salt and 1 part garlic powder by weight.

Garlic powder is easily placed of garlic salt if you want to limit your salt intake.

How much garlic powder is equal to garlic salt?

3parts of salt & 1 part of garlic powder by volume.

6 parts of salt & 1 part of garlic powder by weight.

My Favourite Garlic Salt Replacements

· Granulated Garlic with salt

· Minces Garlic with Salt

· Garlic Oil and Salt

· Garlic Powder

Wrap Up On Substitution of Garlic Salt for Garlic Powder

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it useful in searching for a Garlic Salt substitute.

Please leave me a statement on which replacement of Garlic Salt that you like the most. 

If any alternates are not mentioned in this list, please say them below and share your favorite one with us.

FAQs Related To Garlic Salt Substitutes for Garlic Powder

Q1. Is garlic salt a good salt substitute?

Yes. Garlic Salt is a good substitute for salt but in some recipes where you need garlic flavor like garlic bread, pasta, etc. 

Again You may not add garlic salt in the recipe where garlic does not need; adding extra can mess up the flavor. So Yeah! It depends on your recipe.

Q2. Is garlic salt the same as regular garlic?

Garlic salt is simply garlic powder mixed with table salt. Garlic cloves are peeled, chopped, and dried, then pulverized into a powder with a mortar and pestle. Table salt is then mixed in. 

For every garlic clove, there is approximately one-quarter teaspoon of table salt. Since garlic salt contains both garlic and table salt, it’s beneficial to use this blend instead of just one or the other.

Q3. Can I substitute minced garlic for garlic salt?

No, don’t do it. Minced garlic has more water than garlic salt, so if you substitute one for the other, you need to use more of the substitute. Your cuisine will be overly salty if you use too much.

Garlic salt is mostly garlic powder (dried garlic granules) and salt. If you substitute garlic powder for minced garlic, use 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder for each clove of garlic the recipe calls for (i.e., one teaspoon minced garlic = 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder).

Garlic powder is also very concentrated. One teaspoon garlic powder has the flavor equivalent of one clove of fresh garlic. Some brands are stronger than others, though.

Q4. What is the equivalent of 1 teaspoon of garlic powder?

One-fourth teaspoon of garlic powder equals one clove of garlic. One teaspoon of garlic powder is equivalent to 1 medium garlic, which is about 1 clove.

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