10 Best Pastis Substitutes For Cooking, Cocktail & Apéritif

Are you looking for a substitution for pastis in your favorite recipe? Check out this list of options that will add flavor to your dish without overpowering it. From herbal teas to spirits, there’s sure to be an option that fits your needs. So get creative and start cooking!

Pernod and Ricard are the two largest producers of anise-flavored liqueur known as pastis. Pastis is a popular drink in France, but what if you can’t find it in your area or don’t want to pay the high price?

There are several substitutes that will give you a similar flavor. Let’s take a look at some of your options.

What is in pastis?

Pastis is a drink made from aniseed, and it is very popular in France. It can be drunk either hot or cold, and it is often served with ice cubes.

Pastis is a very strong drink, and it is not for the faint-hearted! The primary flavors are derived from licorice, anise, star anise, and fennel, though there are many other herbs and spices. Aniseed and the licorice. There are also other flavors that can be found in pastis, such as vanilla and almond.

Pastis is often enjoyed by the locals in France as an aperitif. This means that it is drunk before a meal to stimulate the appetite. It is said that pastis can help to cleanse the palate, and it is also thought to be a digestive. In France, pastis is often enjoyed with food such as seafood, meats, and salads.

What can I use instead of pastis?

There are a few things you can use instead of pastis. You can use Vermouth-a fortified wine.

If you want to keep the flavor of pastis, you can use aniseed liqueurs such as absinthe, anise, ouzo, or sambuca.

You can also use Herbsaint, which is a pastis-like liqueur from New Orleans.

If you want to make your own pastis substitute, you can use a mixture of equal parts vodka and aniseed extract.

Let’s see all details about the alternatives.

Pastis Substitutes for Cooking

1. ABSINTHE- Best Substitute for Pastis 

Absinthe is a strong, anise-flavored liquor that was once popular in Europe. It is made from herbs and spices, including wormwood, anise, and fennel.

Absinthe has a high alcohol content and is sometimes used in cooking to add flavor to dishes. It can also be used as a substitute for anise extract in recipes.

 anise flavored liquor absinthe is a popular substitute for pastis

Absinthe is sometimes used to make a cocktail called the absinthe drip. This drink is made by pouring a small amount of absinthe into a glass and then adding iced water slowly.

The ice water causes the absinthe to turn cloudy, that’s called the ouzo effect, and the drink is then enjoyed like a typical cocktail. Absinthe is also used in some traditional French dishes, such as bouillabaisse.

2. ANISETTE – Good Pastis Substitute for Cooking

Anisette is another anise-flavor liqueur made from aniseed sugar and alcohol. It is popular in Mediterrane and Filipino cuisine.

It has a sweet, licorice-like flavor and is often served as a digestif and sweeter than absinthe. 

Anisette can also be used in cooking to add flavor to desserts and savory dishes. It pairs well with other sweet flavors like vanilla and chocolate and can also be used to add a hint of licorice flavor to savory dishes. Anisette is also a popular ingredient in cocktails.

Here are a few recipes that use anisette:

Anisette Fondue:

In a pot over low heat, melt 1/2 cup of anisette with 1/2 cup of chocolate chips. Serve with fresh fruit, cookies, or cake for dipping.

Anisette Spritzers:

In a pitcher, combine 2 cups of sparkling water with 1/2 cup of anisette. Serve over ice, and enjoy!

3.Add Any ANISE- LIQUEUR Alternate to Pastis 

Anise liqueur has a sweet, licorice-like flavor that can be enjoyed on its own or used in cooking. It’s perfect for adding a touch of sweetness and flavor to cocktails, desserts, and savory dishes.

Here are a few ideas for using anise liqueur in your cooking:

-Add a splash to your morning coffee or espresso for a sweet, licorice-flavored pick-me-up.

-Mix it with sparkling water for a refreshing anise spritzer.

-Add it to cocktails like the Black Russian, White Russian, or French 75.

-Use it in place of vanilla extract in recipes like ice cream, cake, or cookies.

-Mix it with herbs like rosemary or thyme for a unique flavor profile in savory dishes.

-Add it to marinades for pork or chicken for a delicious hint of licorice.

Anise liqueur is a versatile ingredient that can add a special touch to your cooking. Experiment with it and see how you can incorporate its unique flavor into your favorite recipes.

4. OUZO- Great Alternative to Pastis

Ouzo is a strong and dry anise-flavored alcoholic drink that is popular in Greece and Cyprus. It is made from a mixture of wine and aniseed and can be consumed either straight or mixed with water.

Ouzo is similar to sambuca, pastis, arak, and raki-the other anise-flavored liqueur.

Ouzo is often used in cooking and can be added to dishes such as fish soup, octopus salad, and pastitsio. It is also sometimes used as a marinade for meat or fish.

Ouzo can be enjoyed on its own because it is an excellent aperitif or combined with other drinks to create cocktails.

Some popular ouzo cocktails include the Ouzo Fuzzy Navel, the Ouzo Sour, and the Ouzo Margarita. Ouzo is a strong drink, so it is important to drink in moderation.

5.SAMBUCA- A Decent Replacement for Pastis

Sambuca is a type of Italian anise-flavored liqueur that is made from sugar, anise, licorice, and elderberries.

It is typically clear in color, but some brands have a slight purple hue. Sambuca has a sweet licorice flavor and is often served as an after-dinner drink.

It can also be used in cooking and can be added to dishes such as pasta sauce, salad dressing, or desserts. You can add sambuca in place of sugar in your coffee.

Sambuca is also sometimes used as a substitute for Kahlua.

If you’re looking for a unique addition to your next dinner party, consider adding sambuca to one of your recipes. It can add a touch of sweetness and sophistication to any dish.

If you’re not sure how to use it, plenty of recipes are available online that can help you get started. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try creating your own recipe? The possibilities are endless!

6. Pastis Substitute VERMOUTH

One alternative to Pastis is vermouth. You can either buy vermouth that is pre-mixed with a variety of herbs and spices, or you can purchase the ingredients separately and make your own version.

Vermouth is a fortified wine, which means it has a higher alcohol content than most wines. This makes it a better choice for cocktails since it will not be diluted as much as wine would be.

There are several different types of vermouth available, so you can find one that fits your taste. If you want to make your own version, you can choose dry or sweet vermouth or even a combination of the two. You can also add your own herbs and spices to make it unique.

fortified wine vermouth is a famous alternative for pastis

Vermouth is an excellent choice for Pastis for those who want a similar flavor but don’t want to use an absinthe substitute.

It is also a good choice for those who are not fans of licorice. Vermouth can be used in cocktails or simply enjoyed on its own. Give it a try and see for yourself how delicious it is!

Non-alcoholic substitute for Pastis

There are many different non-alcoholic substitutes for Pastis that you can use in your cocktails or cooking.

Some popular substitutes include soda water, orange juice, or cranberry juice

You can also use simple syrups such as grenadine or cherry syrup to add flavor to your cocktails.

If you want to create a mocktail that tastes like pernod, try adding a few drops of anise extract to your drink. This will give it a similar flavor to the real thing.

Whatever substitute you choose, be sure to experiment with different combinations until you find one that you like. With a little bit of experimentation, you can create delicious and refreshing cocktails that everyone will enjoy.

Substitute for Pastis in oysters Rockefeller

Oysters Rockefeller is a dish made of oysters on the half-shell that are baked with a savory sauce made from butter, Pernod, bread crumbs, and Parmesan cheese.

When making oysters Rockefeller, a substitution for Pastis can be made with any anise-flavored liqueur.

For example, Ricard or Herbsaint can be used. If neither of those is available, then absinthe, ouzo, or sambuca can also be substituted. As long as the liqueur has a strong anise flavor, it will work in this recipe.

You can also use any dry white wine. Champagne or sparkling wine would be a good option, but any dry white wine will work. Just make sure to reduce the amount of cooking time by half when substituting dry white wine instead of Pastis.

Substitute for Pastis in Bouillabaisse

Bouillabaisse (boo-ya-ba-say) is a classic French seafood stew that is believed to have originated in Marseille. The stew typically contains a variety of fish, shellfish, and vegetables.

The word “bouillabaisse” comes from the Occitan words “boui” (meaning “to boil”) and “baissa” (meaning “to reduce heat”). The dish is traditionally cooked by boiling the ingredients in a large pot.

Pastis is a strong anise-flavored spirit that is used in many different French dishes, such as bouillabaisse.

If you are unable to find Pastis in your area, you can substitute another anise-flavored liquor, such as absinthe or ouzo, anisette, Pernod, etc.

However, if you do not have any anise-flavored liquor on hand, you can simply omit it from the recipe. The dish will still be delicious without it!

Wrap up on Substitute for Pastis

Pastis is a unique drink, and it will be hard to find an exact substitute, but these drinks come close. If you’re looking for something that tastes similar to pastis, give absinthe or anisette a try.

Or, quite different, then try one of these options.

FAQs Related to Pastis and Its Alternatives

Q1. How long can you keep pastis?

Pastis has a very long shelf life, typically around two years. However, it is best to keep it cool and dark and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures.

Pastis can be stored in the pantry for up to six months. Once opened, it should be stored in the fridge and used within a month.

Q2. Are Pernod and pastis the same?

YES. Pernod and pastis are both types of anise-flavored liquor; both pastis and Pernod are the same.

Pastis is a drink made from aniseed, licorice, fennel, and star anise; these herbs are mixed with alcohol and water. Pernod is one of the well-known brands of pastis that the Pernod Ricard company makes.

Q3. Can I substitute absinthe for pastis?

Yes, you can substitute absinthe for Pastis in most recipes. The two liquors have similar flavor profiles, and both are used to create cocktails with an anise flavor.

However, you should be aware that absinthe is a much stronger liquor than pastis, so you may need to use less of it in your recipes.

Additionally, absinthe is typically more expensive than pastis, so it may be more costly to make cocktails with it. Overall, though, the two liquors can be used interchangeably in most recipes.

Q4. Can you substitute anisette for pastis?

Anisette is a sweet, licorice-flavored liqueur that can be used as a substitute for Pastis in most recipes. Anisette has a lower alcohol content than pastis, so you may need to adjust the recipe accordingly.

Anisetteand pastis are similar in their taste, so sometimes it confusing. Anisette is available at most liquor stores.

Q5. Can you drink pastis straight?

Pastis is an alcoholic drink that is usually mixed with water. It is made from herbs and spices and has a licorice-like flavor and a great apéritif.

So you can drink it straight, or mix it with water. It is typically served cold or over ice. Pastis can be found in most liquor stores.

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