20 Best Substitute for Kahlua In Recipes, Baking

Whether you’re out of Kahlua or just looking for a new way to make your coffee, there are plenty of substitutes for Kahlua -The iconic liqueur. 

From classic options like Bailey’s and brandy to more inventive choices like root beer and chocolate syrup, there’s sure to be one that will excite your taste buds. 

The best part of these Kahlua alternatives is -Each of these subs can be used in cocktails or baking, so you can still enjoy your favorite Kahlua-based recipes even if you don’t have any on hand.

So take up a chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and get ready to discover the possibilities!

What is Kahlua? What does it taste like?

Kahlua is a coffee-flavored liqueur that originated in Mexico. It is made from a blend of coffee beans, sugar, and rum. 

Kahlua has a dark brown color and a sweet, coffee-flavored taste. It is typically served on the rocks or mixed with milk or cream to create various cocktails. 

Some of the most popular Kahlua-based drinks include the White Russian, Mudslide, and Black Russian.

Kahlua is also a popular dessert ingredient in tiramisu, cakes, cheesecake, baking, and cookies.

What is a good substitute for Kahlua?

1. Vegan substitute for Kahlua

There are many vegan substitutes for Kahlua, including:

  • -Coffee liqueur
  • Frangelico
  • -Amaretto
  • -Tia Maria
  • -Bailey’s Irish Cream (vegan version)
  • -Godiva Chocolate Liqueur (vegan version)
  • -Praline Liqueur (vegan version)
  • -Chambord
  • -Cherry Brandy (vegan version)
  • -Sloe Gin (vegan version)
  • -Crème de Menthe (vegan version)
  • -Peppermint Schnapps (vegan version)

2. Cheaper substitute for Kahlua

If you’re searching for a more affordable substitute for Kahlua, you can try making your own coffee liqueur at home.

All you need is some strong coffee, sugar, and vodka. Simply combine equal parts of each ingredient and enjoy your homemade coffee liqueur!

If you're searching for a more affordable substitute for Kahlua, you can try making your own coffee liqueur at home.
Coffee liqueur

3. Low carb substitute for Kahlua

There are many low-carb substitutes for Kahlua that you can use to make your favorite coffee drinks. Some of these substitutes include:

-Torani Sugar-Free Syrup

-Monin Sugar-Free Syrup

-DaVinci Gourmet Sugar-Free Syrup

-Hershey’s Sugar-Free Syrup

-Coffee-mate Sugar-Free Creamer

-Swerve Sweetener

-Monk fruit sweetener


To make a low-carb version of Kahlua coffee, simply substitute the sugar for one of the sugar-free syrups or sweeteners listed above. 

Torani Sugar-Free Syrup good substitute for kahlua
Torani Sugar-Free Syrup

You can also use a sugar-free creamer in place of the heavy cream to make it even lower in carbs. Enjoy your delicious low-carb coffee drink!

4. Substitute BAILEYS for Kahlua

Baileys is an Irish whiskey and cream-based liqueur. The drink was first made in 1971 by Gilbeys of Ireland and is now distributed by Diageo. The trademark is owned by Diageo. It has an alcohol content of 17% by volume.

baileys is a popular substitute for kahlua

In a pinch, you can substitute baileys for Kahlua. Just be mindful that the flavor will differ slightly. Baileys is sweeter than Kahlua, so you may want to adjust the amount of sugar in your recipe accordingly.

5. CREME DE CACAO Substitute for Kahlua

Creme de cacao is made with only the finest dark chocolate, sugar, water, cocoa powder, and natural flavors. It’s excellent for enjoying on its own or as an ingredient in your favorite cocktail. 

You can use Frangelico or any other liquor with a chocolate flavor for a creme de cacao substituteIf you desire to make a non-alcoholic version, you can use chocolate syrup or even melted chocolate.

creme de cacao substitute for kahlua

Creme de cacao is a delicious liqueur used in various cocktails and desserts. If you’re out of creme de cacao, several substitutes can be used in its place.


This homemade Kahlua recipe is easy to make and tastes just like the real thing! 

HOMEMADE KAHLUA good substitute for Kahlua

With just a few simple ingredients, you can have your own homemade Kahlua in no time. 

Allow lots of time for it to age before serving so that the flavors can fully emerge.


  • 1.5 cups water
  • 1.5 cups granulated sugar
  • 4 tablespoons instant coffee
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 2 cups vodka


1. Mix the water and sugar in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Cook, occasionally stirring, until the sugar has dissolved. Withdraw from the heat and stir in the instant coffee and vanilla extract until the coffee has dissolved.

2. Stir in the vodka and pour into a clean, dry bottle. Seal the bottle and store it in a cool, dark place for at least 2 weeks before use.

3. To serve, pour into glasses and enjoy!

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Kahlua Substitute in Tiramisu 

Tiramisu is a classic Italian dessert made with coffee-soaked ladyfingers, a rich mascarpone cream, and a dusting of cocoa powder. 

This easy tiramisu substitution comes together in just a few simple steps and can be made ahead of time.

A few options can be used as replacements for Kahlua in tiramisu. These include:

-Coffee liqueur



-Bailey’s Irish Cream

If you are excited to make a non-alcoholic version of tiramisu, you could use:

-Coffee syrup

-Chocolate syrup

-Vanilla extract

-Almond extract

Just keep in mind to alter the other components as needed. For example, if you are using coffee syrup, you may want to reduce the amount of sugar used.

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Kahlua Substitute for an Espresso Martini

As coffee and vodka become more popular, people find ways to incorporate them into classic cocktails. 

The espresso martini is one of the most famous drinks to come out of this trend. Many people love the rich, chocolatey flavor that Kahlua liqueur brings to the drink.

However, suppose you’re looking for a Kahlua substitute for your espresso martini. In that case, a few options will work just as well.

1.   One option is to use another coffee-flavored liqueur in place of Kahlua. Tia Maria and Baileys Irish Cream are two popular options.

2. If you want to keep the drink dairy-free, you can also use coffee-flavored vodka.

3. Another option is to make your own coffee liqueur at home. This can be done by infusing vodka with coffee beans or grounds. You can also add other flavors to the infusion, such as vanilla or cinnamon.

4. Finally, you can simply use espresso in place of Kahlua. The drink will have a stronger coffee flavor, but it will still be tasty.

So, there you have it! A few options for substituting Kahlua in an espresso martini. You’ll enjoy a fantastic and refreshing drink regardless of whatever way you take.

Kahlua Substitute for Baking 

  • Coffee Liqueur
  • Frangelico
  • Amaretto
  • Baileys
  • Peppermint Schnapps

Kahlua Substitute for White Russian

The White Russian is a traditional cocktail mixed with vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream suitable for any occasion.

Whether you’re throwing a party or just staying in, this drink is sure to satisfy. It is essential to note that the White Russian is a strong drink, so enjoy it responsibly.

A few substitutes for Kahlua can be used in a White Russian cocktail.

· One choice is to make your own coffee liqueur using dark rum, coffee beans, and sugar. 

· The second alternate for Kahlua is Tia Maria, a coffee liqueur made with Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. 

· If you enjoy a non-alcoholic option, you can use coffee syrup or make a simple syrup using equal parts water and sugar.

When making a White Russian, you will need to combine vodka, coffee liqueur, and heavy cream in a glass filled with ice. 

·   The proportion of each ingredient is up to you, but a classic White Russian recipe calls for 1 ounce of vodka, 1 ounce of coffee liqueur, and 2 ounces of heavy cream. 

· Once you have your ingredients, simply stir everything together until it is well combined.

Wrap Up on

There are many substitutes for Kahlua, but not all of them will provide the same flavor profile. 

Some common substitutes include coffee liqueur, vanilla extract, and chocolate liqueur. If you want to maintain the coffee flavor of Kahlua, then using a coffee liqueur is the best way to go.

FAQs Related to Kahlua Alternatives

Q1. What alcohol is similar to Kahlua?

A similar liqueur to Kahlua is Tia Maria. Tia Maria is a coffee liqueur made with coffee beans, sugar, vanilla, and rum. It is darker and richer than Kahlua, with a chocolatey flavor. Tia Maria can be enjoyed on its own or used in cocktails.

Q2. Can you substitute Baileys for Kahlua?

Yes, you can substitute Baileys for Kahlua in many recipes. Baileys is a creamy liqueur made with Irish cream and whiskey, while Kahlua is a coffee-flavored liqueur. 

Both have similar flavors and textures, so they can be used interchangeably in many dishes.

For example, you could use Baileys in place of Kahlua in a:
-Creamy coffee drink
-Chocolate truffle recipe
-Cake or brownie recipe
-Ice cream or milkshake recipe

Keep in mind that your dish’s final flavor may be slightly different if you use Baileys instead of Kahlua. 

Baileys is slightly sweeter and less coffee-flavored than Kahlua, so your dessert may be somewhat sweeter if you substitute it.

Q3. Does Kahlua have caffeine?

Yes, Kahlua does contain caffeine. However, the amount of caffeine in Kahlua is significantly less than caffeine in coffee.

For example, a typical cup of coffee contains 95-200 mg of caffeine. In comparison, a shot of Kahlua only contains about 5 mg of caffeine. Therefore, Kahlua is not a significant source of caffeine.

Q4. Is Kahlua gluten free?

Yes, Kahlua is gluten-free. You can enjoy it in your favourite coffee or mixed drink without worry. 

Q5. How long does Kahlua last?

Kahlua has a shelf life of about two years. However, it is best to consume it within six months of opening the bottle. After that, the liqueur may start to lose some of its flavours.

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