14 Substitute For Challah Bread (2 & 4 Will Be Your Dearest)

Are you craving some challah bread but don’t have the time to make your own dough? 

Or maybe you’re not sure how to make it and are looking for an alternative. 

Either way, there are plenty of substitutes for challah bread that will satisfy your cravings!

What’s challah bread?

Challah bread is a traditional Jewish bread often eaten on Shabbat and holidays. The bread is made with eggs, oil, and honey, which give it a sweet flavor. Challah bread is also braided, making it a beautiful addition to any table.

What does challah bread look like?

Challah bread can come in various shapes and sizes, but it is most often braided. The bread can be made with either white or wheat flour, and it is usually topped with poppy or sesame seeds.

What does challah bread taste like?

Challah tastes like a delicious, slightly sweet bread that goes perfect with a cup of coffee or tea. 

Even it tastes more like dense and heavy bread that’s perfect for dipping into soup or stew.

14 Best Substitute for Challah bread

Challah bread is delicious! The eggs, oil, and honey give the bread a sweet flavor, perfect for special occasions. Here are a few Challah Bread substitutes that look like the same and taste.


Kalach is a type of bread popular in Russia and other countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. The bread is round and has a sweet and rich flavor. It is also very dense and chewy. 

kalach is a popular substitute for challah bread.

Kalach is made from flour, honey, sugar, eggs, and oil.

Kalach bread is exactly similar to challah bread by taste and texture. It can eat as a quick snack or as an accompaniment to soup or other meals.


It’s a high-butter content, light and airy french bread that is meant to be torn apart rather than cut with a knife.

Brioche a popular substitute for challah bread.

As such, it can be used as the basis for open-faced sandwiches or just eaten on its own with jam and butter – and there’s no finer breakfast imaginable.


Vanocka is a traditional Slovak Christmas bread made with yeast, flour, milk, sugar, eggs, and butter. 

The dough is usually braided or formed into a wreath, then baked. Vanocka is served warm or cold and can be eaten plain or with jam, honey, or Nutella.

Vanocka is a popular Christmas tradition in Slovakia and the perfect Challah bread alternatives. Many Slovaks make their own vanocka at home, but it is also available in stores. It can be eaten as breakfast, bread, or dessert.

If you’re looking for delicious and festive Slovak Christmas bread, vanocka is a perfect choice! Try it with Nutella, honey, jam, or as a breakfast bread with coffee.

4. COZONAC (My favourite replacement for challah bread)

Cozonac bread is a sweet, enriched bread famous in Romania and other parts of southeastern Europe. 

It is typically made with flour, milk, eggs, sugar, butter, yeast, and spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. 

Cozonac is usually shaped into a spiral or knot shape, and it can be served either warm or cold.

you can use cozonac as a replacement for challah bread.

Cozonac is a popular Easter bread, and it is often served with honey or jam. It is also sometimes filled with walnuts, poppy seeds, or other nuts and fruits and served as a dessert.

Cozonac is a delicious and versatile Challah bread substitute that can be enjoyed year-round.


For those of you who don’t know, Tsoureki is the traditional Easter bread of Greece. 

Tsoureki bread is a popular substitute for challah bread.

This delicious sweet bread is shaped into a braid and usually has either raisins or currents inside. 

The dough used for tsoureki isn’t the same as flag-type bread dough or brioche dough. It has more eggs and sugar, making it a more decadent dough and a sweeter bread.

There are many different recipes for Tsoureki, but they all have the same essential ingredients. The dough is made from flour, yeast, sugar, eggs, butter, salt, and milk. 

Some recipes include orange or lemon zest, while others include vanilla extract. Some recipes I’ve seen include anise, but I personally don’t like its flavor, so I have never put it in my tsoureki. You can try once.


Zöpfe is traditional German bread. They have a sweet, relatively dense composition with raisins and/or currents in them. The bread is formed into braided loaves – hence the name “Zopf.” It is a specialty in Bavaria and in Switzerland.

The dough is braided and then baked. Zopf bread is usually eaten with butter and honey or jam.

Zopf bread can also be made with different flavors, including lemon or chocolate. 

Zopf bread can also be decorated in many different ways. 

For example, you could make braids that are colored in different colors, braids with nuts on the top of them, or other designs.


Pulla bread, a.k.a cardamom bread in English. Pulla bread is a Finnish sweet cinnamon braid usually eaten as a dessert or breakfast.

Pulla Bread is a popular substitute for challah bread.

The braid is filled with a cinnamon, sugar, and butter mixture, and the dough is created using milk, yeast, sugar, butter, and flour. Pulla bread can be covered with frosting or glaze as well.


Mouna bread is a traditional Lebanese breakfast food bread made with simple ingredients. It has a unique flavor, often served with honey or jam. Mouna is similar to Challah Bread. 

Mouna Bread is a popular substitute for challah bread.

The bread is made with flour, salt, yeast, and water, and it is typically baked in a wood-fired oven. Mouna bread is soft and chewy, and it has a slightly sweet flavor that is unique to this type of bread.

You can make sandwiches or wraps or eat them as a snack. Mouna bread is simple to make, and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.


Kravi bread is a type of sourdough bread made with a starter that has been fermented for a long time. 

The dough is kneaded for a long time, giving it its unique texture. 

Kravi bread is typically dense and heavy and has a slightly sour flavor. It is often used to make toast or sandwiches.

Kravi bread is a specialty of the Balkans region. It is popular in countries such as Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia, and Herzegovina. 

It can be difficult to get outside of this location, but it is worth looking for if you enjoy sourdough bread.


Kubaneh bread is a traditional Yemeni bread made from flour, water, salt, and yeast. The dough is formed into a large loaf baked in an oven. 

Kubaneh bread is famous in Yemen and is often served as a breakfast or dinner dish.

Kubaneh bread comes in various flavors, but the traditional recipe calls for four cups of flour and one cup of water. This dough can rise overnight and then be baked in a bread oven. 

Other variations often add ingredients such as eggs, butter or vegetable oil, white sugar, honey, cinnamon, or orange peel. 

The size and shape of Kubaneh bread vary between different regions.


A French baguette is a type of bread that is long and thin, with a crusty exterior and a soft, chewy interior. 

It is made from flour, water, yeast, and salt and usually contains around 70% wheat flour. 

Bakers often make the dough for French baguettes by hand, which gives the bread its characteristic air holes or “bubbles.” 

French baguette bread is usually very crunchy on the outside with a light and fluffy center.


Hawaiian bread is a variety of sweet bread that is popular in Hawaii. It is made with ingredients like sugar, butter, eggs, and flour. It often includes tropical fruit like pineapple or papaya. 

Hawaiian bread is soft and fluffy, and it has a sweet and slightly tangy flavor.

Hawaiian bread can be enjoyed as a snack or dessert. It can also be used in recipes like sandwiches or breakfast burritos. 

Some bakeries in Hawaii even sell specially-made Hawaiian bread loaves, which can be enjoyed on their own or used to make delicious dishes.

If you’re looking for a sweet and tasty bread that’s perfect for enjoying on its own or as a complement to breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes, try Hawaiian bread for yourself.


Portuguese sweet bread is a type of pastry that is popular in Portugal. It is a yeast-based bread usually made with sugar, eggs, butter, and milk. 

Portuguese sweet bread can be either savory or sweet, and it can be eaten as a breakfast pastry or as a dessert. 

Some popular variations of Portuguese sweet bread include broa de Mel (honey bread), broa de milho (cornbread), and broa de azeite (olive oil bread).

Portuguese sweet bread is similar to Challah bread. It is also related to other egg-enriched yeast bread of Portuguese origin, such as malasada (a doughnut-like pastry) and pão de Deus (a sweet bread similar to a babka).

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Substitute for challah bread in french toast

Many people love french toast, but not everyone likes to eat bread. 

Suppose you are looking for a gluten-free or grain-free alternative to traditional challah bread. In that case, there are many other options that you can use. 

Here are some of the greatest challah bread substitutes for French toast:

Almond flour:

Almond flour is a great option for making french toast because it has a similar texture to traditional bread. It also has a nutty flavor that pairs well with sweet toppings.


Bananas are an excellent substitution for challah bread because they are soft and sweet. 

To make banana french toast, slice the bananas down the center so that you have 4 equal pieces. 

Dip them in a blended mixture of eggs, ghee or oil, vanilla extract, salt, and cinnamon. 

Fry the bananas in a pan until they are golden brown on both sides. Sprinkle them with ground cinnamon before serving.


Try! zucchini as a substitution for bread in recipes because it is soft and has a mild flavor. 

To make zucchini french toast, slice the zucchini into thin pieces using a mandoline slicer or a sharp knife. 

Whisk together some eggs, milk or cream, vanilla extract, salt, and cinnamon. 

Dip the zucchini pieces in the egg mixture and then fry them in a pan until they are golden brown on both sides. Serve with your favorite toppings.

Cream cheese: 

A classic option for french toast is cream cheese french toast. Slather some cream cheese on each slice of bread and fry it in a pan until golden brown on both sides.

Serve the french toast with your favorite toppings, such as maple syrup or honey.

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Nut butter:

If you are looking for an option high in protein, you might want to try nut butter french toast. 

Dip the bread in some whisked eggs mixed with water, oil or ghee, honey, vanilla extract, and salt. 

Then spread some nut butter on top of the bread and fry it in a pan until it’s become golden brown on both sides.

How to make the best challah bread at Home? 

Making challah bread is actually relatively easy! You will need:

  • · 1/2 cup of warm water
  • · 1/4 cup of sugar
  • · 1 package of active dry yeast
  • · 3 cups of all-purpose flour
  • · 1 teaspoon of salt
  • · 1/4 cup of vegetable oil
  • · 2 eggs

To make the challah bread,

1. you will first need to dissolve the sugar in the warm water. 

2. Then, stir in the yeast and let it sit for about 10 minutes, or until it is foamy. 

3. In a big bowl, mix the salt and flour. 

4. Add the yeast mixture and oil, and stir until all ingredients are combined. 

5. Then, add the eggs and continue to stir until the dough is smooth.

Next, divide the dough into 3 equal parts.

Roll each part into a strand about 12 inches long. Join the three strands together, being careful not to twist them and braid them. 

Pinch together the ends of the challah bread so that they do not come apart while baking. 

Place the challah bread on a greased cookie sheet and let it rest for about 40 minutes. 

After the challah bread has rested, bake it in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.

Challah bread is a delicious and beautiful addition to any table! This traditional Jewish bread is perfect for special occasions, and it is easy to make at home.

What makes challah bread different?

First and foremost, challah is made with egg yolks. This gives the bread a richer flavor and a softer texture

Additionally, the dough is often braided or formed into a loaf that is decorated with poppy or sesame seeds.

What is challah bread used for?

Some popular recipes that include challah bread are French toast, bread pudding, and savory dishes such as soup or chili. Challah bread is also great for making sandwiches.

What to eat challah bread with?

Brioche Challah Bread is, in fact, a braided egg bread. It is typically served with honey, butter, and jam for breakfast or brunch time in the inner city regions of southern France. 

Sweet chocolate filling or other sweet fillings can also be used as stuffing to eat challah bread with at tea time any day of the week.

Typical savory fillings might be tuna fish, salmon, or chicken salad.

Many people like to fry up sliced challah bread in butter and serve it as a side dish with their dinner. It can also be toasted and used as a bun for a sandwich.

Summing Up Challah Bread Substitutes

Challah bread is a traditional Jewish braided egg bread. All those alternatives for challah will make you feel like you’re in Israel but without the extra carbs! 

It’s light and fluffy with a subtle sweetness that makes it perfect for breakfast or brunch. Add some fruit preserves for an easy sweet topping if you want to go more creative.

FAQs Related to Challa Bread & Its Alternative

Q1. challah vs brioche french toast

Challah bread is eggy because it uses extra egg yolks to make it richer and more tender. Challah bread also has higher sugar content. 

French toast originally didn’t have eggs or much sugar at all but only had the thick slices of bread dipped gently in beaten eggs before being fried on both sides. 

Q2. Is challah bread the same as egg bread?

Challah bread is egg bread, but not all egg bread is challah bread.

Challah bread is a special type of egg bread that is made for religious occasions. It has a rich flavor and a soft texture.

Egg bread is a type of bread that is made with eggs. This type of bread has a rich flavor and a soft texture.

Q3. Is challah bread similar to brioche?

Challah bread is usually made with flour, water, yeast, sugar, and eggs. 

On the other hand, Brioche typically contains butter, eggs, and flour. 

However, there are variations of both challah and brioche bread that can make it difficult to give a definitive answer.

Challah is similar to brioche because both pieces of bread are egg-rich and have a slightly sweet flavor.

Brioche is more like a cake, while challah is more like bread. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

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