5 Ideal Condensed Tomato Soup Substitutes You Taste Ever

As a mom, I know the significance of keeping my family fed with healthy and delicious meals. Tomato soup is one of our family’s favorites, but condensed tomato soup can be high in sodium.

So I decided to try out some replacements and found one Condensed tomato soup substitute that we all love even more than the original! Keep reading to learn what it is.

What is condensed tomato soup?

Condensed tomato soup is a type of soup that has been thickened with some kind of starch. This type of soup is often made with tomatoes, though other vegetables can be used as well. Condensed tomato soup can be eaten on its own or used as a base for other soups or dishes.

Condensed tomato soup ingredients

Condensed tomato soup ingredients are simple: tomatoes, broth, and spices. It can be produced on the stove or in a slow cooker.

One of the best things about condensed tomato soup is that it’s so easy to make with just a few simple ingredients. All you need are tomatoes, broth, and spices. You can create it on the stove or in a slow cooker, making it the perfect meal for any time.

What can I substitute for condensed tomato soup?

There are a few different options that can be used as substitutes for condensed tomato soup. These include:

1) Use tomato sauce or pureed tomatoes as a base. Then, add water to thin it out until it reaches the desired consistency.

use tomato sauce or pureed tomatoes as a great substitute for condensed tomato soup

2) Mixing together equal parts of tomato paste and water.

3) Make a roux with butter and flour, then add diced tomatoes and simmer until thickened.

4) Use a can of tomato soup as a base and add additional ingredients like vegetables or beef broth to make it more flavorful.

Whichever substitution you choose, just be sure to adjust the seasoning as needed since condensed tomato soup is often pre-seasoned.

Homemade condensed cream of tomato soup Substitute recipe (Easy)

This one is my mother’s best ever recipe. When we spent the weekend, she used to make it and enjoy the beauty of nature also this one is our favorite one. I hope it becomes you too.


  • 2 cans (15 oz each) diced tomatoes, undrained
  • 1 can (14.5 oz) crushed tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon dried basil leaves
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 2 cups milk for vegan try other milk substitutes
  • 1/2 cup sour cream


1. In a big saucepan, combine the first eight ingredients. Carry to a boil over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat; simmer for 10 minutes.

2. Stir in milk and sour cream; heat through (do not boil). If desired, garnish with croutons and Parmesan cheese.

3. Yield: 4 servings (1-1/2 cups each).

This condensed cream of tomato soup recipe is easy to make and so delicious! It’s perfect for a quick and comforting weeknight meal. Serve it with grilled cheese sandwiches for a classic and comfortable combination. Enjoy!

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Is condensed tomato soup the same as tomato soup?

Basically, there is no difference between condensed tomato soup and tomato soup. Condensed tomato soup is just a watered-down version of regular tomato soup.

Condensed tomato soup is made by cooking tomatoes down until they are very thick and then canning or bottling them.

  • This soup usually has a very intense flavor since the concentrated tomatoes are used.

Tomato soup, on the other hand, is made with broth or stock and usually has other vegetables or seasonings added.

  • It can be canned or frozen but is also often made fresh. So, to answer the question, condensed tomato soup and tomato soup are not exactly the same, but they share a lot of the same ingredients and flavors.

So, if you are looking for a heartier meal, stick with the regular soup, but if you are looking for something a little lighter, condensed tomato soup will do the trick.

Condensed tomato soup was first introduced in 1897 by Campbell’s Soup Company. Tomato soup became popular in the United States during the Great Depression. It was a cheap and easy way to stretch meals.

Today, both condensed tomato soup and tomato soup are widely available in grocery stores. Both soups can also be made at home using fresh or canned tomatoes.

What is the best-condensed tomato soup?

If you rely on the market, then Campbell’s condensed tomato soup is the best. But I think making condensed tomato soup at home is as easy as boiling an egg; also, it will be healthier than packaging condensed tomato soup.

Can I substitute condensed tomato soup for tomato paste?

Yes, you can substitute condensed tomato soup for tomato paste. However, the taste and texture of your dish may be slightly different since condensed soup is thinner than paste. If you do substitute, use an equal amount of soup and add water to thin, if needed.

Condensed tomato soup vS tomato sauce

There’re many different ways to enjoy tomatoes, but two of the most popular are in soup and sauce form.

While both tomato soup and tomato sauce can be delicious, there are some key differences between the two.

Here’s a look at the difference between condensed tomato soup and tomato sauce:

Condensed tomato soup is typically thicker and more concentrated than regular tomato soup. This means that it has a more intense flavor, which can be great if you’re looking for something hearty and filling.

Tomato sauce, on the other hand, is usually thinner and less concentrated. This makes it a good option for those who prefer a lighter taste.

Condensed Tomato soup VS Tomato Sauce: By Uses

In addition to being a healthy and flavorful option for lunch or dinner, condensed tomato soup can also be utilized in a variety of recipes. Condensed tomato soup can be used as a base for chili or added to stews and soups for extra flavor.

It can also be utilized as a pasta sauce or as a topping for pizzas and other dishes. Whether you want it on its own or use it as an ingredient in other recipes, condensed tomato soup is a versatile and healthy option.

For Tomato Sauce Uses.

Tomato sauce is a common ingredient in many dishes, from pizza and pasta to chicken and fish. It can also be utilized as a condiment or dip.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to recipes that include tomato sauce, so get creative and experiment with different flavors and ingredients.

You can actually create your own tomato sauce at home using fresh tomatoes, herbs, and spices. Get started by trying one of these delicious recipes that feature tomato sauce as a key ingredient.

Additionally, to be used as an ingredient in recipes, tomato sauce can also be used as a condiment or dip. Try it on sandwiches or wraps in place of mayonnaise or ketchup, or use it as a dip for veggies, crackers, or breadsticks.

When it comes to nutrition, both condensed tomato soup and tomato sauce are relatively similar. However, condensed soup does have slightly more calories and sodium than tomato sauce. So, if you’re observing your calorie intake, you may want to opt for the sauce.

Finally, when it comes to convenience, condensed tomato soup wins out over tomato sauce. Simply open a can of condensed soup and heat it up, whereas tomato sauce usually requires some preparation before it’s ready to eat.

So, there you’ve it: the difference between condensed tomato soup and tomato sauce. Pick the option that suits your taste and needs!

Keto substitute for condensed tomato soup

If you are following a ketogenic diet, you may be missing some of your favorite comfort foods. One food that many people miss on a keto diet is condensed tomato soup. While this type of soup is high in carbs, there are ways to make a keto-friendly version.

One way to make a keto condensed tomato soup is to use crushed tomatoes instead of the traditional canned variety. Crushed tomatoes have fewer carbs and calories than traditional canned soups. You can also add in some unsweetened almond milk or cream to help thicken the soup and add additional flavor.

you can try home made condensed cream of tomato soup and it is easily available in any grocery shop or supermarket

Another option for making a keto condensed tomato soup is to use tomato paste. Tomato paste is lower in carbs than traditional canned soups. It can be used to thicken the soup without adding additional calories.

If you are looking for a truly keto-friendly condensed tomato soup, you can make your own at home using keto-friendly ingredients. This homemade soup will be lower in carbs than the canned soups and will also be higher in nutrients and flavor.

To make a keto condensed tomato soup at home, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 (14.5 ounces) can of chopped tomatoes, drained
  • 1/2 cup cream or unsweetened almond milk 
  • 1 tablespoon tomato paste
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper

In a blender or food processor, combine the diced tomatoes, almond milk or cream, tomato paste, oregano, salt, and black pepper. Blend until soft.

Flame the soup in a saucepan over medium heat until thoroughly warm. Serve hot and enjoy!

What to add to condensed tomato soup?

There’re a few things you could add to condensed tomato soup to give it more flavor or texture. Some ideas include:

-Adding chopped up vegetables like onions, celery, or carrots

-Adding some cooked protein like chicken, beef, or tofu

-Stirring in some pasta or rice

-Sprinkling in some shredded cheese on top

-Adding a dollop of sour cream or yogurt

-Garnishing with fresh herbs like basil or oregano.

Can you substitute tomato sauce for condensed tomato soup? 

In general, you should be able to substitute tomato sauce for condensed tomato soup without any major issues. The principal thing to remember is that the tomato sauce may be thinner than the soup, so you may require to add a little bit of water or broth to thin it out.

Additionally, the flavor of the tomato sauce may be slightly different than that of the soup, so you may like to adjust the other seasonings in your recipe accordingly.

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There are many substitutes for condensed tomato soup, but the best one is probably homemade tomato soup. It is easy to make and can be tailored to your own taste.

Plus, it is usually cheaper and healthier than the canned variety. Give it an attempt next time you’re in the mood for something warm and comforting. You won’t be disappointed.

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