Full comparison optavia bar vs Medifast vs quest bars

Optavia, Medifast, and Quest bars are the most popular and preferable meal options for diet and fitness. But the question is, which is the best Optavia vs Medifast vs Quest bars?

The ingredients, process, and taste seem similar, and both work efficiently. 

Suppose you’re new and want to try your first healthy protein meal for your weight loss journey. In that case, this article will be beneficial for you because I’m going to explore all three products and bring their difference and advantages of them.

So, keep reading Optavia Bar VS Medifast Bars vs Quest Bars- Which is better for you.

The Main Difference Between Optavia Bar VS Medifast VS Quest Bars

Optavia is a huge and old weight loss-based company, whereas Quest Bar’s main mission is to satisfy your cravings with the goodness of protein and fibers.

Medifast has meal system programs like 5&1 meal, 4&2&1, or 3&3 meals plans, including bars, shakes, and snacks; they also have a customized meal system for everyone from vegan to lactose intolerance. 

Whereas Quest bars only have different flavor bars, chips-snacks, and Shakes -no meal plan program for a vegan with lactose intolerance.

The primary mission of Optavia or Medifast is to lose weight within a week or two weeks. Whereas Quest bars are great for having pre-workout protein bars or maintaining the weight with no junk.

From price- Medifast or optavia is too pricy than Quest bars. Also, quest bar is a good and cheap alternative to optavia Bars.

Now see it in detail…

Start from Medifast or Optavia Bars…

Medifast is one of the best-selling nutritional and weight loss program companies based in Maryland, America. 

The story started in 1980; physician doctor William Vitale founded it and supplied his goods directly to other medical professionals, who then recommended them to their dialysis patients.

After so many ups and downs, in 2017, Medifast rebranded as optavia. So if you doubt that, is Medifast the same as Optavia?- Then the answer will be Yes. They are the same.

Optavia, like its forebear, provides high-quality meal substitution solutions that are clinically proven to help healthy weight loss. They also encourage fat loss.

The OPTAVIA package offers guidance and mentoring from a specialized OPTAVIA mentor who regularly inspects your achievements, in addition to prepackaged food products and meal timing instructions.

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optavia, like its forebear, provides high-quality meal substitution solutions that are clinically proven to help healthy weight loss.

Optavia bars have 12 types of different bars available in optavia; they are lean proteins, some soy-free, and some milk-free. All are only $22.25 for 7 servings.

1. Essential Cranberry honey nut granola bar

2. Essential Chocolate Mint Cookie crisp bar

3. Essential Creamy double peanut butter crisp bar

4. Essential drizzled chocolate fudge crisp bar

5. Essential drizzled crisp berry bar

6. Essential caramel delight crisp bar

7. Essential Campfire s’mores crisp bar

8. Essential Frosted cookie dough bar

9. Essential Peanut butter & chocolate chip bar

10. Essential Frosted cinnamon spice crisp bar

11. Essential Zesty lemon crisp bar

12. Essential Raisin oat cinnamon crisp bar

Pros and Drawbacks of Optavia bars or Medifast

· Has lots of vitamins and minerals in the bars
· Help to weight lose
· Vegan, good for lactose intolerance, has nut-free options
· Has an adequate amount of protein, fiber, and crabs
· Low calorie
· Coaching support
· No added trans-fat
· High in protein
· Contain no artificial ingredients
· Relatively expensive

About Quest Bars

Quest Nutrition has risen to prominence recently by accomplishing something that most others have ignored. Quest only uses full dairy-based proteins to supply your health with all nine essential amino acids.

To begin with, Quest Bars provide a healthy 20 grams of protein.

It’s primarily made up of whey protein isolates, a complete protein that’s also very easily digestible. 

They created a gluten-free nutrition bar that tastes fantastic and contains no soy, wheat, sugar alcohols, or hydrogenated fats. 

Four different types of bars contain milk and almond protein, Like protein bars, mini protein bars, hero bars, and snack bars. 

Each bar has distinct protein and carbs content. The maximum protein is 20-21 gm, and the minimum is about 8 grams.

1. Chocolate chip cookie dough

2. Oatmeal chocolate chip

3. Chocolate peanut butter

4. S’more

5. Birthday cake

6. White chocolate raspberry

7. Dipped chocolate chip cookie dough (has mini-pack)

8. Cookie & cream

9. Blueberry muffin

10. Caramel chocolate chunk

11. Double chocolate chunk

12. Chocolate brownie

13. Lemon cake

14. Peanut butter brownie smash

15. Mint chocolate chunk (has a mini protein bar)

16. Peanut chocolate crunch (Snack Bar)

17. Chocolate sprinkled doughnut

Under Hero Bars

1. Blueberry cobbler

2. Chocolate caramel pecan

3. Chocolate coconut

4. Chocolate peanut butter

5. Cookie & cream

You can see how much variety of tasty options under quest bars. Cheap and has 12 servings per container.

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Pros & Drawbacks of Quest Bars

· Macronutrient balances are perfect 
· Without the chocolate covering, the bars can be microwaved for 10 to 15 seconds and eaten like a dessert.
· A lot of wonderful flavors to pick from quest bars
· Reasonable sources of whole protein (whey and milk proteins)
· Easy to find 
· Adequately low-carb option for diabetics
· Relatively affordable
· Gluten-free
Some debate about the accurateness of the labeling
· Not for vegan, lactose intolerance and nut allergy
· Not contain that much of Vitamins or minerals
· The quest seems too Chewy – this is most people don’t like it

Let’s Differentiate One similar bar nutritional fact from each S’mores. Each serving size= 1bar

1 Bar Weight32 g60 g
Total Fat 3g ( Saturated Fat 2.5g & Trans fat=0) means 4% DV7 g (Saturated Fat 2.5g & Trans Fat 0) means 9% DV
Cholesterol 05 mg 2% DV
Sodium160mg 7% DV 200mg 9% DV
Total Carbs14g 5% DV

Dietary Fiber 4 g 14% DV

Sugar with added 6g 10% DV
22g 8% DV

Dietary Fiber 14g 50% DV

Sugar without any added sugar 1g
Protein11g 22% DV 21g 42% DV
Vit & MineralsVit- D, A, E B6, B9, B12, K, C
irons, potassium, Calcium, and more
Only Calcium 120mg, Iron 0.5mg, and Potassium 130mg

So which is the best, Optavia Bar VS Quest Bar?

There are a few key differences between Optavia and Quest Bars. First, Quest offers a wider range of flavors, including unique options like birthday cake, cookies, and cream. 

Second, Optavia’s bars are slightly smaller than Quest Bars, so you may find yourself snacking on more than one at a time. 

Finally, Quest bars are slightly cheaper than Optavia Bars, making them a better value for your money. Ultimately, the best choice between Optavia and Quest Bars depends on your personal preferences.

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