12 good substitute for light cream | Vegan included

Light cream is versatile and used in preparing Half Half, eggnog, whipped cream, making desserts, toppings, coffee, baking, and other recipes. And you’re reading this means you already run out of light cream or you must be on a vegan diet. Whatever the reason is I have the complete solution for you.

Use a substitute for light cream that achieves the same flavor and consistency as light cream. However, some modifications are required, so keep reading and scroll down for suggestions that will satisfy your palate!

What is light cream in a recipe?

Light cream is the American name for the product known as half-and-half elsewhere. Light Cream contains 18-20% milk fat and is usually used for making pound cakes, sauce, hot cereals, drizzling over desserts, fresh fruits, coffee, and various recipes.

light cream ingredients

· Combine 1 cup milk and 4 Tbsp butter or margarine.

· Use 1-1/2 cup of undiluted evaporated milk.

· Sugar as per your taste

Tips to choose an ideal Alternative to Light Cream for Your Recipe

  • The first thing to consider is the fat content. Because light cream contains 18-30% fat (Canada 3-10%), the choosing substitution should be laid on between 18-30 percent of Fat content. Full-fat coconut milk and evaporated milk are the same or close to that light cream
  • The second thing is Consistency– Light Cream has creamy-like melted ice cream slightly thicker consistency. So choose a product with similar consistency like sour cream, coconut cream, or half-half.
  • The Third thing is Taste– Light cream has a mildly sweet taste with a smooth and silky richness.
  • If you’re baking, some extra leavening may be required because these substitutes don’t have the same thickening power as light cream.

12 Best Substitutes for Light Cream

The best substitute for light cream includes Whole milk solution, half-half, Sour Cream, butterfat, Evaporated milk, and 2% Milk, and for vegan or plant-based milk options go for almond milk, coconut milk, pureed tofu, rice milk, soy milk cream, etc.

1. Whole Milk Solution- Best Pick from The Pantry

For a really quick substitution try the Whole milk solution to substitute light cream. Take any whole milk and add some water for thinning the consistency and fat content.

As Light cream is also made from Dairy product, So it does not change the texture or taste of the recipes. Because the melted butter helps account for the fat content of the milk, this works well in soups and sauces.

you can serve whole milk solution instead light cream
Whole Milk Solution

Also, if you’re making a baked good like a cake, pancakes, muffins, or breads, you can easily replace light cream with whole milk and the results will be similar.

How to use- For one cup of light cream= 3/4 cup of Whole milk + 1/3 cup Melted Butter to get an equivalent volume. 

In rare situations, the batter may be a bit too thin; in that case, add a bit of extra cake flour or cornstarch to tighten it up.

2. Use Butterfat Instead of Light Cream 

use butterfat instead of light cream in your recipes.

Replacing light cream with butterfat can be a great option if you’re looking for a more calorie and fat-efficient way to add that “rich” creamy texture to baked good recipes.

How to use- 1 tablespoon of butterfat = Every Cup of light cream called for in the recipe.

Best used when baking so that its consistency does not overwhelm the outcome since butterfat will generally set more solidly than light cream, which offers better spreadability.

It should also be noted that substituting butterfat for lighter ingredients may result in more flavorful baked goods. Only use grade AA or higher quality butterfat to achieve the best results.

3. Sour Cream

sour cream
Sour Cream

Sour cream is one of the best substitutes for light cream out there to provide dishes with the same creamy texture but without all of the extra fat. The tart flavor it provides makes it an excellent addition to tacos and Mexican-inspired dishes, while its almost buttery texture helps provide additional depth of flavor in baked goods and casseroles.

How to Use- One Cup Light Cream= 1 cup Sour Cream

Although sour cream has a higher fat content than light cream, the fat content is still relatively low compared to most other dairy products. Using it in recipes can help give added richness and a body that does not come through with other dairy substitutes.

4. Evaporated Milk

Evaporated milk is a good substitute for light cream in recipes, like quiches, coffee,  soups, making desserts.
Evaporated Milk

Evaporated milk is a good substitute for light cream in recipes, like quiches, coffee, soups, making desserts, etc.

How To Use- 1 cup of light cream = 3/4 cup Evaporated milk+ 1/4 cup butter or margarine 

Evaporated milk is a shelf-stable canned milk product with approximately 60% less water than fresh milk. It is not to be confused with sweetened condensed milk, which contains added sugar.

5. 2 Percent Milk

2% milk is a type of semi-skimmed milk that contains 2% fat. It is easily used in a variety of recipes, ranging from fluffy pancakes to creamy quiches. This low-fat alternative can also be used in index mutual fund cooking because it adds flavor without adding too much fat.

2% milk is an extremely versatile cooking ingredient with a subtle richness that packs a delicious punch.

How To Ues- One cup light cream = 2 tablespoons of 2 percent milk

To balance the difference in fat content, add two tablespoons of melted butter to the reduced amount of milk. The melted butter should match the fat content of the light cream and give your dish a thicker texture.

6. Coffee Cream

you can serve coffee cream in place of light cream
Coffee Cream

Coffee cream is a creamy, neutral-tasting creamer that adds a rich and velvety smoothness to coffee that turns elevating it from ordinary to extraordinary. This chic and tasty creamer can also be used to add flavor to savory dishes like soups and sauces.

How To Use- 1:1 Ratio

Coffee cream has a lower fat content and less sugar than heavy cream but still provides a rich and creamy taste that adds flavor to your beverage without guilt. Use it in hot drinks, cold drinks, or desserts.

7. Half-Half

Half and Half is and, as the term suggests, half-and-half cream. It has a similar consistency to light cream.

How to Use- 1:1 Ratio

Half and half is a type of dairy product often used in coffee, tea, and other beverages as a creamer alternative. Half and half provide creaminess without being as rich. It can also be used to thicken homemade sauces or gravies while containing fewer carbs than flour or cornflour.

The best part is you can use Half and Half in some dessert recipes such as ice cream or custard.

Non-Dairy Substitute for Light Cream or Vegan

There are several non-dairy plant-based substitutes for light cream. These substitutes include Soy milk, Rice milk, Almond milk, Coconut milk cream, and Pureed Tofu

All of these milk substitutes that exactly taste like milk are available at the supermarket. 

8. Soy Milk

Soy milk is likely the most prevalent non-dairy cream substitute and tastes most similar to light cream. It is available in vanilla, chocolate, and regular flavors. Soy milk has a creamy texture similar to light cream and a mild, slightly sweet taste. You can find any vegan aisle in the milk store.

9. Rice Milk

Rice milk has a taste and consistency similar to soy milk, but it is not as flavorful. It does not whip, but it can be used in dishes just like soy milk. Rice milk is also available in chocolate and vanilla flavors and is usually fortified with vitamins. 

Rice milk is more widely available than soy milk place of light cream, but it can be found in some supermarkets and Asian grocery stores.

10. Almond Milk

Almond milk is made from ground almonds and water. It lacks a strong almond flavor, yet it works well as a substitute for light cream.

You can use almond milk in savory dishes or beverages, including coffees and teas. Almond milk is available at most supermarkets and is usually fortified with vitamins. 

Almond milk may be used in any recipe that calls for light cream or whipped cream. 

11. Coconut Cream

add coconut cream which is a healthy substitute for light cream.
coconut cream

Coconut Cream is a healthy alternative to light cream. It is a product that has been used in different cuisine for many years. You can have coconut cream directly from the can on bread, toast, or pancakes. Coconut cream is mostly found in any grocery or super market.

12. I used Pureed Tofu Instead of Light Cream

Tofu is always a good sub for vegan alternatives protein-meat, but now the best option for light cream also. Many vegetarians will use it in place of meat in recipes like chili, stews, soups, and casseroles. It’s also used as an ingredient in other recipes like mayonnaise, dressings, and dips.

Pureed Tofu is a type of tofu that has been processed in such a way as to make it smooth and soft. It’s very high in protein and has a ‘meatier’ texture than firm tofu.

Pureed Tofu is often used to substitute ricotta cheese in lasagna or as an alternative to meat in vegetarian dishes. 

How to make light cream (Homemade)

Preparation time: 10 min.

Ingredients :

– 1/2 liter of milk (1 cup) – 150 g sugar – 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar – Caramel

Recipe :

One liter of milk (4 cups) is what you need to make 2 servings of light cream.

Warm half a liter of milk (1 cup) and mix with sugar and vanilla sugar in a cooking pot on medium heat.

Put 2 tablespoons of caramel in a cup and pour one serving of warm cream into it. Mix well. That’s it!

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Light cream substitute for pasta

I substituted light cream for the pasta sauce, and it worked great!

This is a great recipe. I used light cream instead of spaghetti sauce, and it was pretty tasty.

I’m going to switch the cheese in the future to cheddar or mozzarella, so it’s more of a mashed potato-like casserole.

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Substitute for light cream in Quiche

Evaporated milk and 2% Milk can be used to substitute light cream in most recipes like Quiche. 

The flavor and texture will not be as good as those created with light cream, but they will be acceptable.

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Substitute for light cream in coffee

Substitute soy cream, almond milk, half & half cream, and coffee cream for the milk in your coffee.

Substitute for light cream in ice cream

Many light cream substitutes can be used in ice cream recipes, such as milk, soy milk, rice milk, or almond milk.

You can also use evaporated milk, which is thicker than regular milk.

Wrap Up on Light Cream Substitutes for recipes

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it useful in searching for light cream substitutes.

Please leave me a comment on which replacement of light cream you like the most. 

If any alternates are not mentioned in this list, please mention them below and share your favorite one with us.

Give your recipe the exact flavor you’d expect from light cream. 

Q1. Can you replace light cream with milk?

The most obvious difference between light cream and milk is the fat content. The cream has more than 20% butterfat, while whole milk typically has between 3.5% and 5%. 

This is a big difference when reducing fat in your diet, but you don’t want to sacrifice a recipe’s taste.

When you substitute milk for light cream in a recipe, the product may end up being too thin or not as creamy. 

If milk is used in place of heavy cream, the product may not be rich enough and will likely need to be served with a spoon rather than being poured.

Q2. Can I use heavy cream instead of light cream?

Yes, you can use heavy cream in place of light cream. 

Heavy cream and light cream are not the same things, Heavy cream is more dense than light, so when you substitute one for the other in an existing recipe, it will change the final dish. Use one-fourth amount of heavy cream for one cup of light cream.

But, it doesn’t mean the dish will be ruined. It may not turn out exactly as you planned, but it can still taste delicious.

Q3. Can you substitute light cream for whole milk?

Yes, you can substitute light cream for whole milk in recipes. Light cream has lower fat content than whole milk, producing a lighter-textured dish.

Recipes that call for light cream include soups, sauces, and baked goods.

Light cream is sometimes called coffee cream or table cream, but the ingredients are the same. It’s available in most supermarkets.

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